A Thanksgiving Adventure!

Here we are, the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s that week when people all over the US start planning a huge dinner, or preparing to travel.  On Facebook people are giving daily “I am thankful for…” messages, and the media is already warning everyone about travel problems at the airports and weather issues that will throw a monkey wrench into the works for a number of people.  (Shoot its warmer in Seattle today than it is in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, I am being obnoxious this week, as the rivalry game between the Cougs and Dawgs is this Friday!  GO COUGS!

Michelle and I have a VERY low-key holiday planned.  We are gathering up all the fixins for breakfast (she is also making coffee cake!!  YUM), and taking it to her mom’s.  On the way, we will stop at Starbucks, get mom a decaf mocha, make her breakfast, and just hang out for the morning.  Then, afterwards, Michelle and I will head home, watch DVD’s and eat homemade pizza!  

Every Thanksgiving with Michelle is always my favorite one.

But there is one that I love to tell people about that dates back before we together for every holiday! 

Now one thing you need to know about me, I am LOUSY at gathering and small talk.  In the previous marriage, Thanksgiving was an all-day event, of chatting, visiting and spending time together.  NOT my favorite thing at all! 

Editor’s note:  Now, currently, once or twice a month, the Manchild have dinner with my mom and step-dad.  LOVE that.  We show up, mom is a GREAT cook, we sit and eat and talk, Doug (my step dad) makes us laugh, it’s a great hour.  He and I love it, and Mom’s is the best place in town to eat!  We’re just lucky she doesn’t mind us mooching free meals!

So along came the first Thanksgiving when I was single.  Mom invited me over, and the food woulda been great, but, I had a light bulb appear above my head!  I had a day off from work that was JUST me!  I could do whatever I wanted! 

It was going to a hiking day!  The trails would be empty, and I’d have it to myself!  So that morning, I got up and headed out for Mt Si.  This is a 4 mile  4000 foot climb mountain in the Cascades.  With the right equipment, you can make it to the top year round, and I own everything I needed!  It almost didn’t happen though, it had snowed early, and I didn’t realize how deep the trailhead parking lot was.  The old station wagon ALMOST got stuck.  Luckily, I busted it out and parked about a mile away.  No worries I had all day and the extra 2 mile round trip to the trail head was flat.

It was snowing when I started, and snowed all the way up.  It was gorgeous! 




And I was right; I was the only one on the trail.  It was the perfect morning.  Fresh air, peace and quiet, I could hear the snow hit the ground.  The snow made it feel like the holiday season, and it was the the morning I needed away from a very stressful time at work.  It was cold on top, so I didn’t stay too long.  As I made my way down the trail, I ran into some other holiday hikers who sheard my idea.

When I got home I was hungry!  But I was also prepared!  I had picked up some pre made Trader Joes pizza dough, some GOOD pesto, Cheese and toppings and made an excellent (if I do say so myself) pizza!  I then settled in the on comfy chair, to watch football and eat myself into stupor!  Which I did VERY well! 

PLUS!  Mom put together left overs for me for the next day!  YUM!!! 

Now last year Michelle and I went to my moms and had a blast.  (Even with my kid brother there (Just kidding David George)).  And I am VERY much looking forward to Thursday with Michelle this week!  (Love me and her time!)   But I will tell you, that particular year, that is EXACTLY what I needed, and I always smile when I think of it…

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