Make it work people!

As you may expect, I follow quite a few blogs that have to do with cycling.  Since this blog started as a site devoted to riding a bike, naturally I sought out others with the same interests.  Many a site has said the correct number of bikes person should own is between N + 1 (1 more than you have now) and
D – 1 (one less than will result in a divorce!).  Many people have road bikes, mountain bikes, wet bikes (the ones they use in the rain) and many MANY other types.

I on the other hand have a different theory.  I run under the assumption that I have only one butt, so I can only ride one at a time.  I am also a cheap SOB and hate to spend money on myself.   Finally, we have a small house with a small shed.  This means I have one bike.

This means its my commuter, touring, errand, training, and fun ride bike. 

When the weather gets icy around here though, it means I have to get creative. 

The weather around Seattle has a couple of different patterns in the winter time.  Yes, yes, I know, many of you are thinking “it does something else but rain in Seattle?”  Well yes it does!  We have warm and wet or cold and dry.

The warm and wet is easy.  Lows are in the 40s and highs in the 50s.  Gortex takes care of that.  Shoot, half the time I can still wear shorts.  The only thing I have to watch out for is wet leaves on the road. 

Cold and dry is where the problems occur.  Why?  Because invariably the cold and dry comes after its rained and before the wet leaves have been cleaned up.  Temps drop into the 20s at night, which means wet slippery roads.  This is NOT good for cycling. 

Now I know there are studded tires for bikes, but remember, I use this bike indoors as well on the rollers, I’d have to switch tires anytime I wanted to do that.  This means I need a plan B.


The good news is that during the day its sunny, and warms enough to melt the roads.  I can bike home safe as can be!  On normal weeks this is easy.  Michelle and I work at the same company.  We carpool into work together, and I cycle home. 

This week, though, she was off.  This took a bit of planning.  But it worked!  Monday, I drove my car into work with the bike on the back.  Tuesday I was heading down to see the Manchild for dinner anyway, so I just left the car there.  I had a great ride home on Monday. 

Tuesday, I debated on getting up early to ride in, and taking my chances.  But, in the end, decided against it and took the bus instead.  Damn good thing I did, there was freezing fog overnight.  I damn near slipped just waking to the park and ride! 

Then there was today.  Luckily I had a few extra good husband points!  I asked her to drive the bike and I into work so I could ride home (Of course I also bought her her favorite Starbucks as well!).  There were two reasons for this. One, I need the exercise, and two, traffic around here can SUCK on the night before Thanksgiving!  Going with this plan let me avoid and potential traffic issues AND get the work out I enjoy.

You know, I hear many people talk about how hard it is to find time to work out, but if you just plan for it, it’s NOT really that hard.  HOPING that time will open up just doesn’t work.

Next week, I may need to ponder a bit though, there is a chance of snow, and around here that is NEVER good! 

So for almost 14000 miles, having one bike has met my needs.  It probably will for a long time to come! But, like I said, I only have one butt, so I can only ride one at a time!

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