Pizza and Paper Plates!

I know this will come as a shock to all of those who know me and to most of you who read this blog.  But I feel its time I make a confession.  Yes, it is true, I like to pick on people.  Michelle and I refer to it as poking the bear.  Why do I do this?  Well, because it’s fun.

Last weekend Mathmajor and his girlfriend spent the night with us.  They were in town for a Rave (yeah still not sure what a rave is, but they were here).  She was very sweet, and polite and thanked me for letting them stay with us.  I just looked at her, deadpan, and said “Wait!  What?  You are staying here too?  He only said he wanted to stay he never mentioned you!” Behind her I could see Mathmajor smiling and shaking his head.

She just froze, and then “Well I could just drive to Tacoma afterwards, its not THAT far (40 miles from here) really its ok….”  I lost it and giggled, Michelle kicked me, and all was good.  Now picking on her was ok for just a bit, afterwards, it would be like kicking a puppy.  I was very nice to her after that.

However, those that know me, and have for a while, get picked on MUCH more!

The person I refer to lives in Atlanta.  She is a fellow WSU Coug, and a very once person, I like her a lot.  But there are somethings that I know will just annoy her, and its fun.  The most recent was the day before Thanksgiving.

She has just had major foot surgery and is pretty much laid up.  She posted on Facebook how great it was that her kids are stepping up and were taking care of the pre Thanksgiving prep. ( I am impressed, she has done an excellent job with the kids to have them do so, but I knew she was a good mom!)  I suggested it would be MUCH easier to simply go and get a couple of take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphys!  Pizza is the perfect food!

I giggled as I typed it.  Because I knew her reaction!  Pizza?  For Thanksgiving??  That is just not done!  This is a day requiring prep and a special foods, and lots of work and gathering together…  I could almost hear he saying all this as she told me in NO uncertain terms, “We will NOT be having pizza!”

I will give her points though, she at least entertained the idea of paper plates.  Though knowing her, they used their finest china!

What made this even funnier, is that Michelle had home-made pizza for dinner!  We first got up , went to her mom’s for breakfast.  Michelle made homemade coffee cake and brought over the fixins for Fritatta. Her brother was there and had two helpings.  I point this out since it had feta cheese and he is famous for saying, “I don’t like cheese made from goats!”  We just didn’t tell him!   My contribution was making a Starbucks run and then doing dishes.

Then we came home, hung out, and Michelle made an excellent pesto, black olive and cheese pizza!  YUM!!!  We munched, watched movies, and had a very relaxing day.

For us, Pizza and paper plates were perfect.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did!


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