What’s most important in life…

Its funny how things will pop into your head sometimes.  Memories, news stories, quotes from movies.  At any given time any of these can cause you to stop what you are thinking or doing, and just sit there and ponder for bit.  This happened to me this evening.

Today was the Apple Cup.  the single biggest game of the year for any WSU Coug.  And pure and simple, we COUG’d it.  We dominated the first half, and gave the game away.  Tomorrow I will wear my colors proudly, because that is what I do, but inside, I am not a happy man.  And Monday the Husky fans will come from far and wide to rub it in…

But, for some reason I started thinking, what is most important in life…  And being me, my mind went straight to the 1980s version of Conan the Barbarian…

OK I can hear y’all thinking “What the hell is he talking about????”

imageWell early in the movie, Conan was asked “What is most important in life?”  His answer?  “To crush your, enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!”

This honestly has no bearing on this post, but I love the movie and couldn’t resist sneaking in a quote.

But in reality this week has truly been good, and some important things have happened to people I care about.

First, my wife Michelle.  She is the honoree for this years Jingle Bell walk and run.  Just this week our team not only met the goal for the number of participants, but also met the fund raising goal.  All of this is going toward a cure for arthritic conditions.   I am very proud of her.

Also this week, a co worker published her 4th book.  Ruby Grace is her 4th in the line of children’s books, this one is for little girls.  She is the author and illustrator and pours her heart into each book. VERY proud of her.

Just today, my buddy Jim Devitt tweeted his second book ever, “So This is Christmas” was available on Amazon.  I pounced immediately and bout a copy.  The man’s dream is to be an author, and he has succeeded once again.  JIm never ceases to amaze me.  I am dropping the other books I am reading so I can finish his and do a review.

Finally, on Thanksgiving Michelle and I made a little (well 6’1″) old lady happy by going to my mom in laws house, making her breakfast and just sitting and chatting.  She had a huge smile when we left.

It sucks when your team loses.  It sucks worse when they lose to there cross state rivals.  IT REALLY sucks when the team Cougs it and gives the game away…

But instead of wallowing as usual, I decided to look for the positives of the week….

However, don’t get me wrong, I will route for whatever team plays the Huskies in the bowl game, and come August, I will be even more obnoxious!



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