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Racking Up the Miles: December 2013

Here it is, the 12th post out of 12, chronicling the number of miles these legs and this butt have pedaled in a month.  You may be thinking (or maybe not) “Hey, this is a day early!!  There is still … Continue reading

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Why do I track miles?

Anyone who reads 10,000 miles even semi-regularly knows that at the end of each month I do a “Racking up the Miles” post to let the world (or as many people who want to read the blog) know just how … Continue reading

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Damn I needed that!

OK, we all know how busy things get around the holidays.  Shopping, people coming over, getting ready for people coming over, kids opening presents, visiting Michelle’s mom.  Yep for 2 people who like to keep it quiet and restful, the … Continue reading

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Comfort Books

As of this Christmas, I have had a Kindle for 3 years.  Michelle got it for me, and it has turned into one of my most used and loved presents ever.  I am an avid reader.  If I sit, or … Continue reading

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Did These Stairs get Steeper?

This morning I decided it was time to get things moving again.  As happens each year, as the holidays come closer, and we get busier, the working out dwindles.  Luckily, this year, with the bike commuting, I have been able … Continue reading

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Buying gifts for each other is easy!

In the past, both Michelle and I have had folks in our lives that have said we are hard to buy gifts for.  I think I am prettier easy as a matter of fact, mainly because I really don’t go … Continue reading

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Santa Knows what is Best.

This will post Christmas day so I want to make it short as we will all be busy.  I’ve share this photo before, but it just fits the occasion. Somehow, when I was just a tike, Santa knew that I would … Continue reading

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Point and Shoot Baby!

It is time to retire an old friend.  A trusted companion.  Something that has traveled with me on each and every adventure I have been on since 2006 or so.  It has helped me document the things I’ve seen and … Continue reading

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And they scored!

Folks this weekends sporting events in the Northwest totally suck ass.  My Cougs Coug’d it big time, which is depressing in itself.  Then add to it my Hawks lost at home!  Neither game was good, and one would think I … Continue reading

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Yep we Coug’d it!

Folks, this will be the last Coug post of the year.  Football season is over and it was NOT a good end for my boys on the field.  We had this game (New Mexico Bowl) in the bag, no worries, … Continue reading

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