Its all in the attitude…

Long ago (ok about 6 years ago) the Mathmajor was a speed skater (in line) and he had qualified for nationals.  Sadly, nationals were in Omaha Nebraska (Where June bugs go to die) in July.  Someday I will talk about the speed skating years.  But today’s blog deals with your interaction with the person behind the counter.

On the way home from Nebraska, there was one flight where we were bumped…  This was NOT a good thing.  Being bumped with a couple of kids royally sucks.

So there I was, in line at the ticket counter, trying to get on the plane.  The lady in front of me was a complete bitch.  She was yelling at the top of her lungs, demanding to be on the flight and “bigawd, her whole family would be sitting together!!  Lord that woman was loud.

So, finally, after she stopped I got to the front of the line.  I asked to get on the plane, my only request was one adult sat with the younger version of the Manchild.  The rest was wide open.  Pleasant, non confrontational, just asking the guy behind the counter to work his magic for me.

End result, the 4 of us ended up with first class tickets.  The lady that yelled, ended up in steerage, and GLARED at me as she walked by.  (OK, could be I was giggling a bit as she past by.)

Why do I tell this story?  Well today as behind the counter!Today, was team pick up day at the Jingle Bell run.  I was working with my our buddy Sean to hand out packets and pull shirts for those who showed up.This was NOT individual runner pick up day…

One of our first participants was an individual runner from the Eastside. Here in the the Seattle area, the Eastside is the ritzy side of town.  He wanted to pick up 4 packets for 4 individual runners.  We explained “Sorry, those are being driven up from Portland on Friday night, to allow for pick up Saturday”  Really can’t help you.

He went off for 10 minutes about the fact we will never get another Eastside runner, this is ridiculous, a total inconvenience, cost money for tolls, and we better tell the higher ups he was unhappy.  During his tirade, Jen the higher up walked in the room.   We made sure not to tell “Eastside Joe” who she was, and Isn’t him on his way.  He stomped out the definition of indigence.

Later though, a lady showed up to pick up a packet for a team. It was formed in response to a little girl who had just been diagnosed with arthirtis.  Family and friends were gathering to support this little girl.  The lady doing the pick up checked her packet closely, and found somethings were missing.  We weren’t sure if items had been mailed, or just missed.

She was very polite and sweet and told me the mom wanted everything perfect for the little girl.  She understood why we have the run, it’s for the benefit of those who suffer.  She didn’t ask me to do anything, just asked what she could do to help the mom.

Friends and neighbors, I bent every rule there was.  By the time she left, she had every run number and shirt she needed.  There was no way I was going to make this little girl sad, and her mom unhappy….

So the moral?  Yes, there is a time to get mad.  I’ve done it, but if you really want to get things to work out for you, be nice.  It work wonders sometimes….

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