Well I thought I was in Shape!

It’s funny, you can cruise along and think you are in pretty darn good shape.  I eat pretty well (with the occasional cookie thrown in).  On the bike I can pedal like the wind.  I can plan century rides, double centuries, and multiday trips without any concern of completing them at all.

People you talk to that don’t cycle will help you with this theory of being in good shape.  They say things like “Wow you commute 16 miles by bike?”  “You ride 100 miles in a day?” “Oh you must be in great shape with all those miles you log.” Yep its EASY to think you are in great shape.

But then, you get a day like Thursday or Friday, or worse yet, as I have just experienced,  2 days in a row that brings you down to Earth and you realize, “Oh hell, I am NOT in the shape I thought I was!

Thursday, as my last post indicated, I worked at the team packet hand out all day.  I was pulling shirts, moving BIG boxes full of shirts, and moving pretty quickly all day.  By the time 6 o’clock rolled around I was one tired camper.  After a glass of wine or 2, I went to bed and did NOT move all night.  It was hard to get up this morning.

I was happy thismorning, even though I was tired, nothing hurt too badly.  But then Michelle reminded me to grab my work out clothes, it was time for the second in the series of our boxing/MMA class.

Damn, forgot about that.  I searched youtube, and found a video  demonstrating how to wrap your hands correctly when boxing.  After 15 minutes (and 3 reviews of the video) I had it down!  I showed up to class ready and rarin to go….

Folks, I can’t remember being more humbled in recent memory.  Maybe it was the last class 2 weeks ago, but I tried to blank that out…  We started with jumping jacks, not bad.  Then went to mountain climbers, harder but doable.  Then bicycles, OK now I am feeling it, and finally push ups…  What the hell, all of these use muscles I’ve haven’t used before.  WAIT, what?  UGH, we repeated the series…

So, when we get to the punching, I am already tired.  The Spitfire (Jill) my normal partner was out due to a department lunch, so I teamed up with Paula.  For a bit, I thought it might be less of a workout…  Yeah, no!  Carlin, the trainer, upped the ante this time.  More punching, longer sustained drills.  Then he added ducking to the mix. 

This meant using more muscles AND having to pay attention more to the drills to 1) make sure we were doing them correctly, and 2) make sure I didn’t get punched in the mouth!   Since we were all ready to go at the beginning of class, this let the drills go longer.

THEN he added bags to the mix.  He laid down a bunch of heavy bags, and we were kneeing and punching it, alternating each time.  A lot of up and down…  I would give 30 punches, and then have to stop for the next person.  I was wiped out enough that I got dizzy a time or two, and had to give up my turn…

THEN, we went back to the boxing drills to finish up the class. 

I came out of there, dripping wet, and moving pretty damn slow.  The shower felt great, but I gave in and took the elevator back to my desk.

As I type this, I can feel the muscles in the back and shoulders tightening up (I took a quick break to pop a couple of ibuprofen) and the arms are very week.  Yep, I may be able to ride a bike for 16 hours straight, but an hour of boxing/MMA class wipes me out.  Michelle has been trying to get me to work on the core, but as I said last time, I hate those exercises.  Paying for it now…

AND, this weekend won’t be a complete rest.  Saturday is working the packet pickup again, while Sunday is the 5 K walk in 20 degree weather!!  Sunday after noon will be nap time, if not, I will end up looking like this on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Well I thought I was in Shape!

  1. You are still in shape, just in shape for a different sport. You take a boxer or MMA fighter and ask them to ride a century. I bet you dollars to protein shakes that it would kick their ass and they would be saying, dam I thought I was in shape.

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