Old man noises and a frustrating tire

You know, I can’t remember what show it was that I was watching eons ago.  I just remember a guy, who was worried about getting old, and kept saying he was making “old man noises” whenever he moved.  You know, the groans, creaks, moans you make when you are sore?  Well that is me today, Shoulders, back, neck, chest, legs, I am a hurtin camper!  But then, that shows the work out is doing what it should!  But I sound 85 when I stand uo…

To take my mind off it, I decided it was time to work on replacing the back tire of my bike.  A week ago, while riding in the shed, I noticed the rear tire had a bulge!  This made me doubly mad when I realized the tire had barely 1000 miles on it…  I pick up a new one and figured it would only take 5 minutes to change.  I am GREAT at flat tires….

Yeah 5 minutes.

I should back track.  I first tried to do it really quickly on Wednesday night.  I wasn’t sure if I was just tired, or the tire just did NOT want to on.  But I simply couldn’t get it to seat with the inner tube in it.  I decided to place the blame on a new tire that just wasn’t formed to the wheel yet.  So I fitted the tire alone and let it sit.

So today I attacked.  It still sucked!  I am not sure why.  It’s the exact same size as the previous one, but it looks smaller.  I cussed and worked it for a while, and I was getting close, until “SNAP!”  one of my tire levers went flying as it broke off.

“Release the F-Bombs!”  I was mad!  I was even more mad because of the levers I was using.  I had a set of metal ones that I carried for years.  (I had them for the bikes that predated the one that was stolen!)  So of course, they were in the bag when the bike was stolen.  Reason number 102 to hang the SOB if I find him!

I was stuck using some plastic ones that came with a tire repair kit.  Yeah NOT good ones…

OK, so I still had one left, onward and upward!  5 minutes later, “SNAP!!”  and this time it was worse.  The top of lever was stuck INSIDE the tire with the tube.  Which meant, yep you guess it, I had to take it  off again!  I was NOT a happy man.

“To the bike shop!”  Luckily, since tis the season, and the bike shop is near the mall, traffic wasn’t bad.  I walked in to Gregg’s Cycles and asked Bob for the levers.  The man musta read my mind, because he took me over to them, grabbed a set and said “Here, these NEVER break!”  $4 later and I was out the door.

This is why this is my new bike shop.  I have been there twice, and each time they have taken care of me quickly and left me very happy.

Back to the tire, and 15 minutes later it was seated, inflated, and reinstalled back on the bike!  I am hoping that it will stretch a bit and be easier to deal with if I get a flat…

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and finding new places that hurt….  When this publishes, though, it will be the Jingle Bell walk!  I will be up early, and walking in the 20 degree weather (I’ve busted out the layers!)

I will also get to see Michelle cut the ribbon for the first wave of runners!  She has done one helluva job as the honoree!



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