Zombies vs Drunk Dudes!

I know some of you will be as shocked as I am, but I have run in to many MANY people who do not, nor have ever, watched the Walking Dead. 


In fact, today, my friend Bridgette told me she had never seen any zombie movie ever.  Because of this, she really had no concept on how zombies worked.

I was stunned!  NEVER seen a zombie movie….  But, being a corporate trainer, I learned long ago that a good analogy can go a LONG way to helping someone grasp a concept they’ve never experienced.  The trick is finding the right one…

And like lightning it hit!  She is a gorgeous lady, so I asked, “Ever dealt with drunk guys in a Seattle bar?”

She nodded. 


 Yes, it hit me.  Zombies are like drunk guys hitting on “cute chicks” at the bar. 

How so you may ask?  Let me elaborate.

First off, a zombie is a mindless unit with a one goal.  Once fixated on a target, the zombie will keep trying and trying to reach it.  A drunk guy on the prowl, is a mindless unit with one goal. No matter how many times he is shot down, he will keep trying and trying to reach it.

Zombies are uncoordinated, stumble all over the place, will fall over themselves and don’t even notice.  A drunk guy is uncoordinated, stumbles all over the place, will fall over himself and doesn’t even notice.

Zombies make unintelligible noises that drone on and on.  Drunk guys?  “Don’t I know you?” “Wow, heaven must be in search and rescue mode, cuz they have seriously lost an angel!” “Hey baby what’s your sign!”  OK, maybe NOT that bad, but speaking from my drunk bar days, there were MANY times I was sure I was a brilliant conversationalist, not to mention QUITE witty!  Yeah NOT so much…  More on the lines of droning slur….

Zombies drool all over themselves.  Drunk guys, well I have seen them, drool, “spray it instead of say it” or just spill on themselves and not notice.  We won’t even discuss what happens if they have WAY too much….

Zombies smell bad.  Have you ever seen a lady with a guy WAY too close obliviously trying to NOT smell the breath as he talks?  Drunk guys can VERY much smell bad!

Finally, if the zombie gets close enough, it will take a bite out of you without permission.  Drunk dude, yep, they will try to nibble without permission….

After explaining this, she told me “NOW I completely understand!  Zombies make sense to me now!”

However, as a good trainer, it is also important to point out key differences in the analogies, this can help with cementing the understanding, and prevent any faux pas in the future.

This was one of those times, I looked at her and said, “Now, Bridge, there is one key difference that you need  to remember.  If a zombie gets too persistent, you can shoot him in the head, and there are no ramifications at all!  Do that with a drunk dude on the prowl, and you will probably get in trouble!”

She nodded, but I almost swear I heard her mutter “Damn….”

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