Wine and REI!

Anyone who knows me knows that two of my favorite places, whether is Christmas or not, are REI and our favorite wineries in Woodinville.  I can easily spend a lot of time, and yes money, in both places!  Yesterday, however, we were able to combine the two!

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself…

We both took a Friday off this week.  We figured we deserved an extra day to ourselves, and we wanted to get last-minute shopping done.  Not to mention the extra day of sleeping in!  Can’t go wrong with extra snugging time.

We decided to make a run into Seattle and do our shopping down there.  Seattle is always fun at Christmas time with kids lined up to see Santa, lights everywhere and the Westlake Christmas tree.

imageOur first stop was the COUG store in West Seattle, why?  Cougar Gold Cheese!  The best cheddar ever!

imageMichelle has a recipe for Cheesy bread that is amazing!  Why, well first it takes a lot of cheese!

imageThe it is baked with love.  It looks as good as it tastes!  If you look closely, you will see that I had to do quality control!

imageOur next stop, was Nordstrom.  Yes it was time to pay up on our bet for the Coug/Beav football game, as you can see, someone, not me was very happy about the outcome

imageSo what did she get?  Boots of her choice!

imageWait till next year!!!

We moseyed next to Pike Place Market, but NOT before we stopped at Mountain Hardwear.  Not that I need another coat, but DAMN I love that store, next year’s bet may be a shopping spree for me there!

At Pike Place, we wandered, got some Beechers Cheese Curd, and picked up a couple of stuffers.

But then, it was time for the second run of the day, buzzing over to Woodinville.  One of our favorite wineries, Alexandria Nicole, sent out an email to club members that they were doing a kid coat drive.  Its been hella cold around here, and its sad that kids need a warm coat (unlike Manchild who refuses to wear anything but a hoodie!)

As soon as we got it, I shot over to REI next door.  And lo and behold, a size 4T, rain repellant, down coat was on sale!  MINE!!!

A kiss under the mistletoe!
A kiss under the mistletoe!

We went in, and found out we were the very first to donate!  YAY!!  We were given a special extra poor of ice wine, Not normally our favorite, but DAMN it was good!

We walked over to Ross Andrew, and chatted with Ross for a bit.  Evidently, when I went to the restroom, he asked Michelle why the hell i was wearing shorts and sandals when it was 45 outside!  She just shook her head and said “Thats Tony”

A quick trip to Dusted Valley, where we found out our friend Collean was promoted to region sales manager!  A bottle of the Petite Syrah came home with us!

Wrapping up the day with dinner at Purple!  Crab cakes for Michelle and French dip for me!  Home and early bed so we could get up and prepare for our Festivus Gathering tonight!

All in all a great day!





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  1. Great post. You guys have a lot of fun together. Oh,and you are a brave man to go shopping. At this time of year before I “have to” go shopping, I make sure there is enough money in the bank to cover bail if need be.

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