The Lazy Day

Something you may not know about me.  Back in the day, I was a regular At Cheers West in Tacoma.  My friend Trish introduced to me to the place and I loved it.  It was the only time I have ever been a regular at a bar!

Some day I will do a more detailed post about the place.  The events that happened there and the fun I had.  (Including the day Dave got me thrown out when he went into the Ladies bathroom).

Why am I mentioning this?  Because back then was also the time I suffered from the most hangovers of my entire life.  Yep even more than the WSU days.

Sunday, I remembered how that felt!

We had our annual gathering of friends for the holidays. Festivus, on Saturday night.  This year was a smaller turn out due to illnesses, prior commitments and, in one case, just getting back from Hawaii!

However, even though the group was smaller, it was fun.  We all talk together on Facebook throughout the year, quite regularly, but it is very rare that we meet in person.  We laughed, joked, drank wine, told stories and had a good time.

Somehow, I ended up having a LOT more wine than normal….

Sunday morning was one of those days I was reminded I am closer to 50 than 20.  I did NOT feel good at all!  My beautiful wife, knowing full well this is a very rare occurrence for me, took great care of me.  The result, a lazy day on the couch for both of us.

I had enough gumption to make a run to Starbucks, but then it was a quick nap before the 10 AM start of the Seahawk game.

Question:  If you go to sleep an hour after you wake up, does that count as a nap or going back to bed?

It was a great game, and we won handily, but our yelling was kept to a minimum! I really should have gone for a ride afterwards, but that just was not an option.

As the day went on, I gained more energy and got a few things done, but in the end, it was bed time at 8, and I was out like a light!!

However, there is one GOOD thing about being hungover.  And this I remember well from college.  As bad as you feel the morning after too much alcohol, it is amazing how GOOD you feel the following day!  Today, though it was hard to stop cuddling and getting out of a warm bed, I felt SO much better!

I was up, showered and loaded the bike on the car for a ride home.  it was a great day for a ride.  Sunny, no ice, highs in the upper 40s.  I was able to wear shorts and non insulated gloves.  I won’t call it spring time, but the legs loved it!

There’s no way I can say this will not happen ever again, I am just not that smart.  However, it will be quite a while I promise!  I just wish I could blame someone else for keeping my glass full all evening, but I am pretty damn sure that was my own fault!

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  1. Well, I for one know you had a great time. So it was worth it. Even though there are about 4,000 miles separating us, it’s great to call in when you guys get together. That always leads to the post call conversation of “should we move back?”

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