Christmas Memory

Today was the annual Christmas tradition at work.  It was the passing out of the boxes of Sees candy in the office.  Now lord knows I do not need candy.  There have been too many opportunities to snack on cookies at the office as is.

However, unlike other places I work, the Mighty P does the holiday handouts right.  They are not sent via interoffice mail, or just magically appear.  In my office, the execs on the top floor go all out.  Two of the VPs dress up as Santa and Mrs Claus, and our CEO is Ebenezer. 

The cafeteria is opened up for snacks, and all the execs and their assistants are running around serving snacks to those who show up.  This is seriously not considered a wellness event, there wasn’t veggie in sight!



Seeing Santa always reminds me of one of my most vivid Christmas memories. 

I am not  sure  exactly how old I was, but I was to say it was either 2nd or 3rd grade and it was either late Christmas Eve or way early Christmas morning when suddenly I was awake!  Now a GOOD little boy woulda stayed in bed.  So you KNOW that didn’t happen.

We lived in a single wide mobile home back then, and I shared a room with my kid brother Michael (not sure if David was born yet.)   So I had to crawl down out of the top bunk without waking him up. 

Once that was done, I had to negotiate the hallway to get to the livingroom!  My plan?  Check out the presents before anyone else was up!

Luckily, my mom and dad’s room was clear on the other side of the kitchen.  But, I DID have to sneak by my sister’s room!  Luckily, though I didn’t know these terms in the early 70s, I was born with innate stealth skills, AND the ability to be ninja quiet!  (I srtill have those skills, people sometimes forget I am in the room!)

I slowly moved down the hallway, keeping low like the cowboys on TV, didn’t want to get spotted you know!   Suddenly I reached the living room, and my heart stopped!

It was dark, with only streetlights outside glowing into the room.  I distinctly saw what looked like a fat little guy standing next the tree starting at me.  I clearly remember saying out loud, though in a whisper “Santa, is that you??  Santa???”  No response!  OK, my little mind went into overdrive, when I was sure the face was frowning at me!

I spun around and ran like a bat out of hell for my room, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I leapt into the top bunk and didn’t touch a rung on the ladder.  I pulled the blankets over my head, and did NOT get up until I heard the other kids in the living room in the morning.  

When I got up, I walked into the living room.  Where the fat little guy was standing, was a pile of presents on the couch, topped off by a pillow-teddy bear with a big face, staring down the hallway.

My last clear memory of the day was “Was it Santa or the pillow I saw?”  I sure as heck couldn’t ask the parents…  To this day it’s a mystery of Christmas past….

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