Face full of smoke!

You know, I probably really shouldn’t complain.  I mean it is almost Christmas, Santa is watching and he is looking for those of us who are crying or pouting or whining.  So I should just not worry about this and think for something else for a post.  Yeah, maybe I should, but chances are I won’t.

So there I was, minding my own business today, going for a walk at lunch.  I’d been training a new person all week, and had not been able to get outside until today.  I was very excited.  The sun was out, but the clouds were coming in, its cold and crisp out there, and almost, ALMOST you can smell snow.

In fact, therein lies the cause of my complaint today.  I was breathing deep, trying to see if I could smell snow, when I walked into a face full of cigarette smoke!  I hate that!

 Now, to be fair, life is much better than it used to be.  I remember back in my Cheers West days, coming out of the bar reeking of smoke.  There were times I wanted to peel my clothes off outside instead of taking the smell into the apartment.  And NEVER did I crawl in bed without a shower, or the sheets and pillow reeked of the smell.

Then there was the “No Smoking” section of restaurants.  You know, the seats that were right NEXT to the smoking section?  The only difference was there was no ashtray on the non-smoking tables.  But funny, smoke still filled the room

Once, on my first Seattle to Portland, I paid $40 more for one night because the smaller room I stumbled on was permeated with cigarette smoke.  I just couldn’t handle it. 

I am lucky, though. Now, in Washington, smoking is banned in all buildings (including bars).  It means we can eat, drink, relax and, except for some people in the elevator that have smoke on their clothing, never smell smoke inside ever!

HOWEVER, there is a downside.  Those who smoke, are gonna smoke, this means they have been driven outside. Onto the sidewalks I walk on! Hence my whining today.  I had to walk past not one, but 5 different people, spread out far enough that I felt like I was in a continuous cloud for 2 blocks!  UGH!!  And once the smell hits you, I feel like it is trapped in my nose for 15 minutes afterwards! 

You would think in this day and age, they would have developed an odorless, smokeless thing they could inhale on to keep from bugging the rest of us!  Don’t even get me started on the fact they think its still ok to toss the butts on the ground!

OK, as bad as it on the city streets, its worse when it hits you when riding.  I have been on the Burke Gilman trail, flying, feeling no pain, and have to pass through a cloud from people “Out for a walk” “Getting healthy” puffing away!  Sometimes, no lie, the person smoking is on a bike himself! (its always a guy when this happens!)

When I was a hiker, I would see smoked butts at almost any point in the trail.  Yep just tossed to the ground…THAT is bad mountain karma!

Once, near the top of St Helens (a pretty strenuous climb) what did I find?  Yep two guys sitting on a rock, puffing away! Really people??

Ok, I know there’s nothing that can be done, there’s probably a rule about restricting smoking to airtight rooms with industrial scrubbers, and then making people decontaminate afterwards.  It just annoys me that I do my darndest to be healthy, and someone else’s unhealthy habit slaps me in the face.

OK, enough whining!  Thanks for listening!  Sorry Santa!  What’s that?  Santa smokes a pipe???


Damn….  Now I really am in trouble!

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