Was that a Snowflake???

It has been an interesting 24 hours here in the Seattle area.  Yes, it is true, Snow has fallen IN the city, and worse yet it stuck!  I dumped and piled up I tell ya, I mean there must have been almost an inch!


But, before I get into the snow, let’s talk about the bike commute home last night.  I knew the weather was supposed to turn wet today, plus I had to drive to Federal Way to get the Manchild, so last night was the last chance to ride before the weekend!

I had something happen to me that I have never had happen before….

When I took off, I was having problems getting the shoot to click into the pedal (left one).  I prefer Mountain bike shoes and pedals since they are easier to walk in.  Finally got it to seat and headed down the road.  The light turned red, and I tried to twist and release.  NO DICE!  Damn near turtled and fell over. I was just able to get the right foot out and throw myself that way to keep it from happening.

In essence, my foot was trapped.  The shoe would move back and forth, but I couldn’t get it to snap, nor could I work on it as I was still on the bike.

I made it to the sidewalk, and using some contortions I didn’t know I could still do, I was able to unzip the shoe cover, then unstrap the shoe and slip my foot out.  OK for the record, the sidewalk, in socks, was cold!

I was finally able to reef on the shoe enough to get it off the pedal, to find one of the bolts was gone.  The other was loose, so the shoe was free to pivot in the pedal!  Luckily I carry a multitool, and was able to tighten the hell out of the remaining bolt to fix it in place.  Then for the rest of the ride home, I just unclipped the right foot when I stopped.  No issues at all.  But I had never had that happen before!

I was even able to stop at DD meats for pork loin for dinner Sunday.

Now, I was counting myself lucky in the parking lot there.  The place was nuts, people jockeying for a spot, cutting each other off, it was a mess.  I simply biked up on the sidewalk, locked the bike to a signpost and walked right in and right out.  Little did I know JUST how lucky I was!

When I got home, I checked twitter, to find to catch up on the world, and found out there was a 15 mile back up N/B on I-5 (the route I drive home.)  I had no idea!  My cycle commute was amazing.  Very few people, I was dressed correctly, and stayed nice and warm.  Its days like that which make me appreciate being able to ride home most days.  I get the stress relieving work out while others were trapped and blood pressure rising!  Not knowing there is a major traffic jam is a hidden benefit of cycle commuting.

Then today, SNOWMAGEDDON!!! 


Yes go ahead and laugh, but folks, no lie, these people exist here in the Northwest (This is from PEMCO, my company, one of our Northwest Profile marketing campaign)


If the snow flies, even snow mixed with rain, then traffic snarls.  If it sticks?  The city closes, busses jack-knife, dogs and cats sleep together…. (oh sorry, I channeled Bill Murray for a second)

Once again, Michelle and I were smart.  We brought home the lap tops, and simply signed on from home. (I also made a Starbucks run for her iced tea last night and left it in the fridge for this morning)  I of course had some glitches we don’t need to get into that kept me from having full access, but it kept me off the roads until the crashes and snarls were gone.  I signed off at 10:15 and was in the office at 1030!  Perfect!

I made it to the boxing class at work, and by the time to go home, the roads looked like this!


So, all in all a great 24 hours!  All of you in any state the has real snow can stop laughing at me now!  :

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  1. Me thinks you shoulda checked out why the shoe would not clip in the first place. But being a guy, I can understand. Bang at it until it works and hopefully it stays working. It is embrassing enought to fall over, but if you are never cars, it is down right dangerous.

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