Yep we Coug’d it!

Folks, this will be the last Coug post of the year.  Football season is over and it was NOT a good end for my boys on the field.  We had this game (New Mexico Bowl) in the bag, no worries, all we had to do was keep playing the way we had been.

Yep that’s all we had to do…

And we Coug’d it!

imageNow this post is NOT a recap of the game.  Suffice it to say we were ahead by 15 points with 3 minutes to go and we ended up losing by 3…

This post is to explain the term “Coug’d it!”

Every freshman at Washington State University learns of this term their first football season.  But only real Cougs know how to apply it.  If there was a dictionary definition it would read something like this:

Coug’d it (verb) to make asinine mistakes, and give away a game that you were winning handily to the opposing team.  Synonym: Snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory!

Each and every time my guys lose, I have non Coug fans at work tell me “Y’all Coug’d it again huh?”  Well no.

If we play a team that is obviously superior to us (This year, say the Ducks, Stanford, etc) and we get beat, well no, we did NOT Coug it, we just lost.  Shoot this year we gained some serious attention on how well we did against some of these teams.  We lost to Auburn by one touchdown, we annoyed the hell out of the Ducks by playing hard the whole game (almost made the Duck coach cry!)  These were not examples of Couging it, we just lost.

Or if we were never in the lead, never got close, to a team we shoulda beat.  In those games, we just played like crap.  Never executed, and didn’t do what needed to be done.  No one likes these games, but it happens sometimes. Its how we beat USC this year.  They didn’t execute and we played over our heads!

Ah, but to Coug it is an art, and no one does it like my guys,  Many a alcoholic beverage was consumed in misery after that game, with remarks like Cougs!

Doesn’t mean we aren’t fans, but a true example of Couging it is physically painful!

Now for the purpose of this post.

There is a movement out there (happens every few years or so) from Cougs wanting to change the definition of Coug’d it.  They want it to reflect a win, or a good game, or a great effort.  They see it as an insult or a derogatory comment.  To them it lessens their Coug essence.

Folks give it up.  To Coug it is locked in concrete, and has been for almost 40 years.  It is something we embrace as our culture and it is part of the Coug magic.  We are strong enough to to weather it when it happens, and still wear our crimson proudly.  We will use this game for years to come in the waining seconds of games saying “OK DON’T count this as a win yet, remember the 3 fumbles in the New Mexico Bowl!”

Real Coug fans though, we can name some EPIC events when we Coug’d it, but every spring we will watch who we have recruited, in August we will break out our game day apparel and we will make the 600 mile round trip to a game.

The game sucked, and I wanted to punch our quarter back in the mouth, and chew on the defense something fierce there at the end, but I wouldn’t trade being a Coug for any other school anywhere!



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