And they scored!

Folks this weekends sporting events in the Northwest totally suck ass.  My Cougs Coug’d it big time, which is depressing in itself.  Then add to it my Hawks lost at home!  Neither game was good, and one would think I would be bummed.

Well ok, in sports mode I am.  But as we all know, there are much more important things in life.  Today was our Christmas with the boys.  Both Manchild (15) and Mathmajor (20) were up.  Michelle made a fantastic pork loin and I made mashed potatoes! The food was great!

However, as yummy as the food was, it was nuthin compared to watching the kids open the presents!

Now I am a firm believer that Christmas is all about the kids.  I don’t care how old they are. It is just fun watching them open presents, and even better when you know you picked well!

Since being married to Michelle I have adopted her family’s tradition of wrapping the presents that go into the stockings.  It makes it fun for us to open and fun for the kids.  So in essence they had one ‘gift’ and a buncha stuff wrapped in the stocking.  (OK, we used REI bags for stockings it was easier!)

Mathmajor opened a present early I was seriously hoping he would like.  It has always struck me that a math major should have a slide rule.  This year I found one on ebay, complete with a leather case.  He opened it and shouted “OMIGOD its a slide rule!”  He stopped opening for a while as he played with it. (Nope had no idea how it worked, but was seriously intrigued, which was my goal!

Meanwhile Manchild opened the one I was waiting for to him.  One day in the fall he told me that Amazon was almost our of Nintendo game cube controllers.  He uses them in his monthly tournament.  His is honestly older than he is.  Well he told me this at Starbucks.  So while we were chatting, I secretly  ordered one of the last 2 Amazon had.

He opened it, and his mouth dropped.  For the rest of the afternoon, he never let it get out of arms reach.  He liked many of the other things he received, but that was, hands down, the best of the day!

Meanwhile back at Mathmajor, he had opened the pound of coffee beans we got him from Vivace.  He was excited, but “Damn, now I need a coffee grinder”  The next item to open was a grinder, but not just any grinder, hand crank!

His voice went up 3 octaves.  “OMIGAWD how can I be more of a hipster!  Yes I HAND grind my coffee!!  I need to make a cup now!”  and off to the kitchen he went!  He was like a 5 year old with a hot wheels race track!

They each had other items they liked, but then Michelle upped the ante.  She handed al THREE of us identical bags!  And what did we find inside?

imageYep!  Battery operated toy megaphones!  Complete with siren!!  OH hell yeah.  Three guys with megaphones are going to have a blast and we did!  Those two were rapping at each other, I was doing the minion siren noise, and Michelle had a huge grin cuz she knew we loved them!

For the rest of the afternoon we played with megaphones, and Mathmajor used a Smart phone to learn how to use a slide rule (seems like a time paradox to me!).  He announce, “! multiplied 2.3 by 3.6 on the slide rule!’  He was quite proud of himself!

And folks, that is what Christmas is to me.  It’s the kids, no matter how old.  Getting them gifts that make their eyes light up and you know they love.  Ones that will give them pleasure for quite a while, and will help them remember the day.

It’s not about the cost, a set of Mountain Hardwear gloves was the most expensive thing either of them got.  It’s about knowing your kids and getting them something you know they will use, like and remember!

And folks, this year, Michelle and I scored big time (And I credit her for the best items)!  PLUS, Mathmajors girlfriend sent us some damn good homemade fudge!  YUM!!!

I am betting the rest of the holiday will be just as fun!


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