Buying gifts for each other is easy!

In the past, both Michelle and I have had folks in our lives that have said we are hard to buy gifts for.  I think I am prettier easy as a matter of fact, mainly because I really don’t go looking for gifts.  I can easily vouch for Michelle, she is VERY simple to shop for.

Add to it in this day and age of iPads, smart phones and wireless, the searching for, and buying of said gifts can be done in seconds, with the other person being non the wiser.  Which is why one of Michelle’s stocking stuffers was this:


We had been sitting in our normal red chairs talking one night, and she said.  “You know. I have always wanted to learn how to throw an axe.  Next year maybe I will learn”

Well I had been on Facebook at the time, so it was simple to jump to Amazon and type “Throwing Axe” into the search field.  A week later, it showed up on the doorstep.  My kid bother is NOT pleased I am arming the “wimminfolk” but I feel pretty secure!

She does the same thing.  I’ve been bike commuting now, rain or shine, since April.  As we know, I am a cheap SOB, so I have been using the same set of panniers I have had since the late 80s.  They are nylon, and surprisingly water replant, but I have had to do more than my share of repairs on them to keep them functioning.



I have been talking for quite a while about getting a new set.  Just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Guess who went to the REI and came through?



Yep a brand new set of Ortlieb Waterproof classics!  Functional and style points!

I will tell you though, that it took a while for me to figure them out!  First I thought they wouldn’t fit, then   I didn’t know what the extra pieces were for, and how come it kept slipping out when I pullet the handle to see if it was tight….

Yeah, I am not the best upgrader in the world, but I broke down and read the directions!  OHHHH, Quick release handle!  Its adjustable?  OHHH the clips seat it firmer…  THATS how you close them!

I won’t be able to use them tomorrow, but Friday riding home for sure! Combine that with 2 sets of wool cycling socks and it is the perfect gift.

All it takes is paying attention.  But, then, it is very important to jump on it as well.  Its too easy to forget what was said, “I KNOW we talked about something….” There is no shame in buying a present in the summer or even April.  Just find a good hiding place, AND leave yourself a note on where that place is!

Hope y’all had a great Christmas, with a new year brings new cycling challenges and fun!  Plus i have a new iPhone to play with!  Will be a great year!


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