Did These Stairs get Steeper?

This morning I decided it was time to get things moving again.  As happens each year, as the holidays come closer, and we get busier, the working out dwindles.  Luckily, this year, with the bike commuting, I have been able to keep the miles under my belt.  Once a week I also have the boxing class which literally kicks my but, especially when I box Jill the Spitfire.

However other types of exercise go by the wayside.  Today, after dropping off some stuff in my locker down on level 2, I decided it was time to start taking the stairs.  So up I went.

By the time I got to the top, and I was NOT running, I was winded….

Now I know, and Michelle and I say this all the time, there are different kinds of in shape.  Every weekend, after boxing class, I am amazed at what parts of my body hurt, and it aint from being punched. 

I can cycle all day without an issue, as it should be.  But the stairs kicking my butt bugged me.  There was a time I could climb anything without breathing hard.  This was back in the hiking and mountain climbing days.  Not only could I climb, I could do it with a 40 lb pack.


My first trip
My first trip

And we aren’t talking about easy trails either.  Here, the guy with the red pack is me, is the route above Camp Muir heading for Ingraham Flats.  In addition to my gear I also had a few pickets and an extra rope, heavy plastic boots and crampons on my feet, I trudged right up, never looked back.


In Alaska, same deal.  This is part way up Control Tower.  I was running the anchor of the rope team.  We were running light packs that day, but the group ahead of us needed a break, so we had a chance to stop for pictures.  This was a great little climb, and my rope team had no issues at all.


In fact, during that trip, in addition to the 40 lb pack, we were also dragging our tents and group gear on sleds across the glacier. 


My legs were rocks back then!  But, I am pretty damn sure that if I had tried to ride a century, I would have keeled over after 30 miles and been saddle sore as all hell.

So yes, there are different kinds of ‘in shape’ so I shouldn’t let stuff like this bug me.  Or, if it does (OK it does) its time to do something more than just whine.  SO, from now on, no elevators at work, unless traveling with someone.  And, though this will have to wait logistics wise till the New Year, I will start stopping at the stairs in Seattle on the way home from visits with Manchild!

I don’t want to get into mountain shape, that is asking too much and would take too much time away from my wife.  But, getting in some stair time can only help the overall cycling performance!  Time to make it happen!

Cuz it sure felt like the stairs got steeper!

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  1. I have the same reaction when I go hiking, even on the local mountains. Climbing via hiking definitely uses different set of muscles, ones that we are not used to using on a bike.

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