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As of this Christmas, I have had a Kindle for 3 years.  Michelle got it for me, and it has turned into one of my most used and loved presents ever.  I am an avid reader.  If I sit, or in line, or have a spare minute or two, I am reading one book or another.

I wasn’t sure how much I would use the Kindle instead of a “real” book when I got it, but since I opened it 3 years ago, I MIGHT have read 5 paper books.  All the rest were Ebooks

What I like the most is the ease in having more than one book going at a time.  I currently have a fantasy novel, a literary classic, and a science book all going, as well as slogging my way through the Bible (3 years running, and I am almost 70% of the way done, NOBODY tell me how it ends!

This week though, and I am not sure why, I couldn’t bring myself to read any of these.  I was craving a comfort read.

What is a comfort read?  Well we have all heard of comfort food.  Those items you eat when you may not feel 100%, or you are stressed, or had a bad day, or just need to have it.  For Michelle and I that would be Kraft mac and cheese (or as we call it Kraft dinner!)   We’ve even had it for breakfast.  It has medicinal qualities, and can cure all ails!  After eating for almost 50 years, I still love it!

Another example would be grilled cheese sandwiches.  On a cold day, it just hits the spot and makes you think about being a kid again and coming out of the cold!

A comfort read is on the same line.  It’s a book or an author that you just know you will enjoy.  It could very well be a book you have read before, even many times.  But it is just what you need at that moment.

Mine come from 2 different writers.  Louis L’Amour and Clive Cussler. 

Louis writes mainly westerns.  I was raised reading these books, the first was in the 4th grade.  You know there will be gun fights, fist fights, ambushes and no matter what, the good guy is going to win.  Ladies will always be treated with respect (and if not the person who was disrespectful will be shot(they didn’t mess around back then!))  it is always a fun relaxing non brain taxing read.

Cussler still writes (or at least consults with the writers who are not writing his books) but they have gone downhill.  His old stuff though!  Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino, travelling the globe and the oceans, saving the world. Dirk always gets the girl, and Al has a wise crack or two.  Hell, these two once converted a bathtub to a sea-going vessel with an outboard to escape a deserted island.  There is nothing these two can’t overcome!

I started reading Cussler in Jr Hi, and just recently reread Iceberg (paperback book even)  I don’t know if these books just remind me of being a kid and life was less busy, or I know the good guys will win so I don’t have to pay attention as much or what the reason is.  All I know, is reading these from time to time just makes me happy. 

So last week I read “Fallon” by L’Amour.  I come across a phrase I remembered l “Stack your duds and grease your skids I am going to tear your meat house down!”  Now I honestly have no stinkin clue exactly what the origin of this phrase is, but it is said before many a fist fight in Louis’ books!  I read it and just sat back and smiled for about a minute before I moved on to a great fight!

Now I know folks who never reread books.  They think there are so many new ones, why bother.  But for me, there are just times its needed…  And for some reason last week was one of them.

And NOW you know what is going on if anyone tells you “Stack your duds and grease your skids I am going to tear your meat house down!”

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