Damn I needed that!

OK, we all know how busy things get around the holidays.  Shopping, people coming over, getting ready for people coming over, kids opening presents, visiting Michelle’s mom.  Yep for 2 people who like to keep it quiet and restful, the last month has been go go go!

Then of course my COUGS were in a bowl game.  We had to watch that!  (I still have nightmares of that game) and our Seahawks will be in the playoffs! Gotta watch them too!  I think I can safely say that there has been something going on at least one if not both days of the most recent weekends.

So imagine my surprise when we had a day with nothing we had to do and no where we had to go!  It was time for a ride! image

As I got the bike ready to go, I realized that for December, I think my only rides have been home from work.  This means I haven’t had a ride without panniers in a very long time!  So today , I grabbed the spare tube and muititool and slipped in the jersey and I was off!

I had forgotten how light a bike can feel and how responsive it can be without extra weight on the back! It was like riding as a kid!

We woke up to a foggy day, but by the time I took off, it had lifted (though it was cloudy.)  I decided to do part of the Lake Washington Loop, but since my legs were not in top shape, I cut across the I-90 bridge.



it was a great ride.  Not too much as far as road traffic, even fewer bikes.  I did have one jerk in a Scion get tired of following a pack of bikes coming the other direction, so he gunned it and came into my lane to pass them!  I don’t think he even saw me or the guy behind me.  Luckily he and I were both paying attention.  (takes all kinds…)

Once I crossed the bridge, I went North through Bellevue, and I was happy to find that the main loop road, 112th, was now open for traffic again.  The detour sucked!  The ride took me along the lake in Kirkland, a great flat areas, but then the hills started.  There is a LONG hill getting out of Kirkland.  By this time, I had doubled my normal ride home, and the legs were telling me about it.

After that hill, I stopped to refill the water bottle

Editors note:  I drink Powerade zero, and its great.  All the convenience store had was Gatorade.  UGH  Can’t believe I used to drink that!

I also grabbed a couple of nutigrain bars, because there was an even longer and steeper hill to cross to get me from Kirkland to Bothell.  After the 1.5 mile up hill, there is a killer downhill though!  Made it worth it!

In the end, 45 miles, (more than I planned) in just under 4 hours.  It’s the longest ride I’ve had since September, and a great way to launch myself into 2014.  AND, on the commute home Monday I will hit 14,000 miles!

The downside though, I downloaded a cycling app for the iPhone.  Thing sucked power something fierce!  I was at half a battery before I was halfway through. I wonder if they make iPhone charges for bikes?

It was a great day for a ride overall though, DAMN I needed it!


4 thoughts on “Damn I needed that!

  1. Jealous. I so want to live where I can cycle all year round. But if you ask the missus, she would say that it reduces my chances of more injuries if I am not on my bike for 4-5 months of the year.

  2. That’s great. I always love going from my commute bike, to my weekend play bike. Going to the play bike always feels awesome, and feels like you have so much extra energy. Exhilarating.

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