Racking Up the Miles: December 2013

Here it is, the 12th post out of 12, chronicling the number of miles these legs and this butt have pedaled in a month.  You may be thinking (or maybe not) “Hey, this is a day early!!  There is still time to ride more!”  Nope, tomorrow (or today when this posts) is New Years Eve.  Michelle and I will be spending it together, maybe going to Woodinville after work, and then home for some wine together before the drunks and nuts get on the road!

That means today is it!  And it has been a very strange December for us!  First off we’ve had almost NO rain at all!  Its unheard of around here not to have serous and multi day rain sessions in December.  And sure enough this weekend, I heard the use of the D word (drought).  This will bear some watching…

But that’s not all that made this month eventful

We also had freezing cold, down to the teens, for 2 weeks.  Again, though not as unusual as the lack of rain, it is very strange for us to have that!  Then add to it, we had snow!  It never snows here!  These two events, limited the riding this month.  I didn’t want to hit ice, and I don’t do snow with my bike.

Then there were the holiday gatherings and events that were a blast, but kept me on two feet instead of two wheels for a couple of weekends.

Given all this, I am happy with my total or 181 miles!  Not stellar by any means, but a good solid December performance, and it sets me up perfectly for kicking it up some in January!

However, there were some other milestones that occurred just today that deserve mentioning as well!  On my way home this evening, I hit a mileage worth noting, yep I hit 14,000 miles!

imageThis is also about 1300 miles on the new bike.  Yep we are getting used to each other!  Funny though.  When I hit 13000, the rear brake seized up!  I was prepared to carry it over the finish line of the Crater Lake century, until it unseized (is that a word) on its own half a mile and 6 mosquito bites later!

So I was a bit worried about hitting 14,000.  But, 14K came and went, and I was the wind.  That is until 14010, when PSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH  front tire puncture!  Really?  Can’t remember my last flat.  Oh well, 10 minutes later, I was off!  Hope this isn’t a habit!  I’ll let you know when I hit 15,000 if something happens!

I couldn’t find what caused the flat though, which has me worried.  I have had times where it’s never found, and nothing ever happens, but most times….  We’ll see what happens on the New Years Day ride.

The other event also happened today.  Here is a screen print of my Stats page for 10,000 miles.  Check out the total overall views.


Yep!  10, 000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts hit 10000 views today!  In less than a year!    Not sure which I am more excited about, so I will just say both!

So all in all it was a great month!! Thanks for coming along for the ride!



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