How Would You Answer?

Wow!  A couple of days ago I was tired, and drawing a blank on what to post.  Some days there is a distinct lack of blogfodder.  I’ve had quite a few people tell me lately I don’t HAVE to post every day, but I enjoy it.  So those days without a post, I actually miss it. (It’s a sickness I am sure)

But then there are days like now where I could honestly do two or three different posts.  Our Seahawk banner flew today (see my last post), tomorrow I get to do something I have never done before, see tomorrows post 🙂  But today, the my Spitfire boxing partner Jill said two things, each of which are worthy of a post!  It’s a good thing I keep a notebook for days like this.

So enough of that, the thing Jill asked me today was this.  “if you knew you were going to die in one month, would you continue to work out?

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Dirtbags suck!

Ok people are really starting to annoy me.  No not the people who read this blog.  Nor the people I work with (it’s been quiet at work lately).  It’s not even relatives (ok maybe the aunt who is a Bronco fan is a bit annoying.

No these are those degenerates out there who have a special place in hell waiting for them:  Bike thieves.   Now let me stop anyone from worrying!  My bike is perfectly safe!  But as you can see here, even though we have a secure indoor bike location, I still lock it up.


Today though, I was had a chance to talk with one of my fellow cyclist who told me something I didn’t know. Continue reading “Dirtbags suck!”


This will be a totally random and possibly rambling post.  I had, as happens occasionally, drawn a blank on what to write about today.  As there is no one forcing me to write every day, and I don’t get paid by the post (or anything for that matter 🙂  ) There is no harm if one doesn’t happen.

I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but wide awake from doing stairs on the way home.  The house was quiet Michelle was out, and suddenly outside I could hear it rain.  And it started me thinking.

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Sometimes it is just DAMN good!

I am having a hellva time here lately. Somehow, and I think it’s when I scroll using the iPad, I am unfollowing blogs I really like.  I putter along, checking my reader, and think, “Hey, I haven’t heard from so and so for quite a while!’  Lo and behold, so and so is out there, I just hit the wrong button.  DAMN!

Luckily though, some bloggers, in including me, have Facebook Pages.  This is true for my buddy at There and Back Again, someone who is in even more into cycling than I am! Check him out he is worth the read and he has great pictures.  But I digress.  I mention him and Facebook, because this is where I saw this (Note, he got it from



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One Year In! Back to basics!

I logged into WordPress today, and saw a new trophy.  It’s the one year anniversary of the day Michelle set up my 10000 miles.  The original plan was to post mostly about tips for new bike riders, and about my adventures on the bike.  Soon, though, I learned that I liked to talk and write about many things that had nothing to do with cycling at all.

The good news was, since its my blog, I could do whatever I wanted.  So I did.  It seems to work though, my audience has grown to almost 240.  With the new rules, it meant I had a lot to talk about.  So much so, that I have become a daily blogger.  In fact, since I started, counting the occasional reblog, I have had 405 posts, 10765 views, and almost 900 comments.  Nuthin to write home about, but makes me happy!  I want to thank all of you visit regularly.

But for the 1 year anniversary post, I am going back to the roots.  Cycling! Continue reading “One Year In! Back to basics!”

Major blast from the past!

I’ve told more than one story about my friends on here.  Scott, Jim, and Dave the guys I went to college with, the Strohs Bros, the ones that were with me on many a story that started “I was drinking one night…”  We have stayed in touch and done things together since we left college back in the 80s.

However, before there was a Mountainstroh writing a blog, before the interwebs, hell even before I became one if the men of Strohs, there was my Freshman year, 1982.  !7 year old Tony, walked into WSU not knowing a soul.

I was given the choice of the 1st or 6th floor of Goldsworthy Hall.  Luckily I chose 1st.  I had an incredible first year, and met some amazing people.

Today, that year came flashing back to me! Continue reading “Major blast from the past!”