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How Would You Answer?

Wow!  A couple of days ago I was tired, and drawing a blank on what to post.  Some days there is a distinct lack of blogfodder.  I’ve had quite a few people tell me lately I don’t HAVE to post … Continue reading

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12th Man Banner Flies High over Seattle

PEMCO’s 12th Man Banner in Support of the Seattle Seahawks flew over the city carrying the names of 15000+ fans hand written on it!

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Dirtbags suck!

Ok people are really starting to annoy me.  No not the people who read this blog.  Nor the people I work with (it’s been quiet at work lately).  It’s not even relatives (ok maybe the aunt who is a Bronco … Continue reading

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This will be a totally random and possibly rambling post.  I had, as happens occasionally, drawn a blank on what to write about today.  As there is no one forcing me to write every day, and I don’t get paid … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is just DAMN good!

I am having a hellva time here lately. Somehow, and I think it’s when I scroll using the iPad, I am unfollowing blogs I really like.  I putter along, checking my reader, and think, “Hey, I haven’t heard from so … Continue reading

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One Year In! Back to basics!

I logged into WordPress today, and saw a new trophy.  It’s the one year anniversary of the day Michelle set up my 10000 miles.  The original plan was to post mostly about tips for new bike riders, and about my … Continue reading

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Major blast from the past!

I’ve told more than one story about my friends on here.  Scott, Jim, and Dave the guys I went to college with, the Strohs Bros, the ones that were with me on many a story that started “I was drinking … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Fever!

As anyone who watches any football at all knows, the Super Bowl is a little over a week away.  This year, my home town team, the Seattle Seahawks will be in it playing the Denver Broncos.  This is pretty damn … Continue reading

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Hi My Name is Tony and I was a Grump

OK, looking back over the last couple of posts, it appears that our friendly neighborhood Mountainstroh has NOT been his normal chipper self.  Hell, it almost seems like he’s been downright grouchy. Well its true, dentists, car issues, feeling old, … Continue reading

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Our donations page is finally UP!!!

Originally posted on Great American Trek:
Our donations page is finally UP!!! Every cent helps, and will help us to help others. If you dig what we’re doing & want to help us to do it, please have a gander…

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