2013 is over huh?

Ever since I have joined Facebook, I have done a year in review kind of thing close to New Years eve.  Usually my buddy Dave accuses me of being a bit drunk (could be true) and just a few people read it.  This year I decided what the heck, let’s do a blog post instead.

Many many things happened this year.  But bar none, the most important was that Michelle became the Seattle Jingle Bell Run honoree for 2013.  More important than anything I did all year, was that I helped her, and watched her do one helluva job.  There is no one anywhere who could inspire people more than she does, I am hella proud of her! image



Compared to her and all she did, my stuff really wasn’t important.  I am lucky to be her husband and I am proud of her every day!

She would kick my ass though if I didn’t tell y’all what I did accomplish 🙂

I had quite a few personal bests this year!  Also a new endeavor and a major career change!

First off, Mountainstroh here rode more miles this year, than any year since he bought the bike at Christmas 2007.  I ended the year with 3622 miles.  100 miles more than the year I rode the Oregon coast!  I wasn’t sure if I made the PB till just today, and I am very happy about it!

More importantly, more of the miles have been outside than ever before.  I started bike commuting in April, and i have continued it through the Fall and into Winter.  There is no better way to end a hard day than a 17 mile ride home!  I plan to continue this year-round!

I also had my PB month, 514 miles in May!  This was helped by two Century rides in May, The May Day Classic and the Reach the Beach.  My legs were TIRED that month!

It was the year of 5 Centuries!  Again a personal best.  In addition to the two listed, there was also the Flying Wheels Summer Century, the Crater Lake Century

tiredand the Round the Sound.  By the end of the last one, I just wanted to sit!


But my riding wasn’t all about me, early on, I helped inspire two friends, Auburn Liz and Mighty Manda.  Neither had ridden since they were kids, and in July they completed the Seattle to Portland!  I couldn’t have been prouder!

Mighty Manda on Left, Auburn Liz on right.  Finisher badges in hand!
Mighty Manda on Left, Auburn Liz on right. Finisher badges in hand!

I also said goodbye to an old friend.  In July, some dirtbag rode up to the Mighty P, cut the lock an rode it like he stole it.  That bike and I conquered everything and to this day I miss it.

Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach

Michelle laid down the law that day.  “You will get a new bike, and this weekend!”  My new trusty steed has done a helluva job!

imageSo all in all, as you can tell, cycling has been a success.  BUT without Michelle’s support and understanding, it never would’ve happened, thank you babe!

But, cycling was not all.  I am also an avid reader.  Yep, I am not just a pretty face!  I can read!


I once read that the average American reads < 10 books a year.  Since then I keep track.  I do NOT try to read as many as I can, I read because I enjoy it.  This year was the most ever, 55!  Not sure how I fit it in, but I am happy with it!  It included finally finishing “Following the Equator” by Mark Twain.  I’ve tired to read it many times over the years.  Its good but it takes work!

I am also continuing my slog through the Bible.  After 3 years I am 68% done.  The New Testament is worse the old, but I am making progress.  Someday I will be done, but so far I have to agree with River from Firefly when she said “Bible’s Broken!”

I also switched jobs!  Left the Holy P and I am back at the Mighty P where I belong!  Love where I work, commuting with Michelle and seeing her off and on all day!  Best move I ever made!  I have already done and enjoyed myself more in the year I have been back than the 3 I was at the Holy P.

Finally, last but not least, I started this blog in January (with a serious push from Michelle!)  10,000 miles has become a major part of my life.  I am a daily blogger and enjoy it.   I have 220 followers,  written 381 posts, 10,000+ views and people who seek me out if more than a day goes by without a post.  I never considered myself a writer, but hell, I must be doing something right.

Finally, as always, thanks to my wife Michelle for loving me.  The Manchild and Mathmajor for making me proud.  My two nieces Abby and Steph who are both gorgeous and smart!  Mom for begin there and always being willing to feed us!  The Strohs (Dave, Scott, Jim, Stacy, Rob and many others) for staying with me all these years.  Jenna,Trish and Kristina for knowing me longer than almost anyone.  Stu and Katie for being Stu and Katie!  And everyone else I see and talk to either on here or in person.

So all in all, 13 has been a great year.  For the reasons listed here, and many others.  14 is right around the corner, and neat the end I hit 50.  NOT looking forward to that, but very much thinking 14 will be as good as 13.  Hope y’all can tag along and see what happens!

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