Ending one Year and Starting Another!

Michelle and I have an unwritten rule, we really try NOT to be out and about late on New Years Eve.  Too many drunk people and nuts on the road, we prefer our own house.

With that in mind, we took off from work at three and made a bee-line across the lake to Woodinville.  Most wineries were closed, but William Church was open till 4.  We tasted there, and found a new wine we liked, Tres’ Bien, their Cab Franc.  A bottle came home with us.

When we got here, we made mushroom risotto (YUM!).  It takes a helluva lot of stirring, but it is well worth it!  After dinner, with wine in hand we finished off the old year with the teapot.

imageLast year we saw a post on Facebook about taking a jar, and filling throughout the year with memories, thankfuls and events.  Then look over it and share it on New Years eve.  We used the Tea Pot and had a blast taking turns reading the notes out loud.  We will do the same this year!

It was a great New Years Eve, but today it was time to start the new year.  This year both Michelle and I have a milestone birthday, it starts with a 5.  We have different thoughts about it though.  I am hoping it just sorta slips by and is forgotten.  She on the other hand has has embraced it thoroughly!  I took this from a post on her Facebook page.

2014 comes with a major life milestone for me–a BIG birthday. In honor of the momentous occasion, I decided I wanted to do 50 things. Somethings are adventurous, some are a stretch, some are just fun. Most are things I have never done before.

If you see a number and a picture that was one of the things on the list. My hope is that I get all 50 done by the end of 2014, that I have many new stories to tell and have made some memories and new friends along the way.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with me. 2014 is going to be an awesome year!

So what better way to start it than to cross off some things on the list!  First stop the Great Wheel on the Seattle WaterFront

imageWe’ve talked about riding it since it opened, but never got around to it.  We were there when they opened and first to board and ride of 2014!


The views up there were amazing, You can see the city, including Seahawk Stadium (I refuse to call it Centurylinkl)


Sapce Neeled in the fog
Space Needle in the fog

















And Views of the water






Even our 12th man ferry

imageAnd yep! I will admit it, I snuck a kiss from the pretty girl in the car with me when we were at the top!


Since we were right next door, we decided to check off another item.  For years we’ve talked about going to the Seattle aquarium together.  Never have.  So it made the list for 2014.  It was big fun 🙂



imageAnd under the heading of things we’ve never seen (and I am sure you will be happy that there are no pictures), we saw otter sex.  How do we know?  Because at one point they stopped “playing” together and we could see the male otter (and there was no question which was the male) was VERY excited to catch back up to Mrs Otter!

So day one and two things off her list!  Some are going to be harder and all on her, and some I can do as well!  Some suggestions didn’t make the list.  (I thought going skinny dipping with your hubby was a great addition….)

I ended the day with the first ride of 14.  Just a quick 21 miles along the Burke Gilman and back.  Stretch the legs and blow the stink off me.

All in all a great day.  Hoping the rest of the year is as much fun!


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