It was a good cycling year

I promise this will be my last looking back at 2013 post.  After a day or two, I agree they get old. I mean come on, it is the January second already.  Shouldn’t I be on to inspiring people to get off their butts, get  into the saddle and ride!

Or listing my resolutions for the year, and setting the example for people to follow.  How I will remake my this, and ride this many times and do this many miles and….  Oh, wait, I forgot, LONG ago, I resolved NOT to make any resolutions any more, and I have stuck to it!

Plus I have a cold, (even though I did ride home tonight) and I am sitting sipping tea and thinking about the last year as far as my bike and I were concerned.

It really was a good year!

I completed a number of organized rides, ranging from a 33 mile Chilly Hilly to the hardest of them all, the Crater Lake Century



I have a great time with organized rides, some of them are a lot of fun.  But I have to say, some of the things I enjoyed the most were NOT part of these rides.

I overcame the only climb I’d ever given up on.  Climbing up to Chinook pass on Highway 410.  2 or 3 years ago I started up that hill, and 4 miles from the top talked myself into being done…  A thing like that can vex a man something fierce over the years.

So one of my last rides on my bike before it was stolen found me sitting on top of pass, looking forward to a long down hill ahead of me.


imageI also finally took the time to figure out the Lake Washington loop.  55 miles around the lake, a great training ride with hills, views and a lot of roads set up for bikes.  I was also able to cross the I-90 bridge.  These were tow things I’ve thought about doing quite often but just never made it till this year.

Happy rider!
Happy rider!

I also had fun with Michelle and our neighborhood rides


And finally, I started bike commuting.  It began in April as part of Cascade Bike Clubs bike to work month.  With Michelle and I working together, it is easy to put the bike on back of the car.  Drive in with here and then bike home…

I have continued to do this ever since.  One great side effect is that I have had to ride in the shed VERY seldom this year.  I simply jump on the bike, and head home.  1.5 hours later, my workout is done and I am settled in the house for the evening.

The only downside?  In February I will have to make some time to watch the 3rd season of Game of Thrones when I get the DVDs!  I watched 1 and 2 on the bike!

So all in all it was a great year.  But I have come the realize, that as much as I enjoyed the big events, and I will do more, I was happiest with those things I did just for fun.


OK I am DONE with 13, bring on 14!

Ride it like you stole it folks!


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  1. Enjoy Game of Thrones! We bought season one, but never did finish watching it (I bought the Blue-Ray version and the only Blue-Ray player I have is in the wrong room of the house).

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