Getting my butt off the couch

Well folks, every year my wife gives me that knowing look, and says “What big rides are you going to do this year?”  Now truth be told, there have been years I have considered retiring from the big rides.  Think how much easier it would be to sit around all day, read, blog, surf the interwebs and watch TV.  Plus there is a certain someone in the house that would love more lap time.

imageBut then I stand on the scale like I did Thursday, and dislike what I see, and the best way to get me riding longer rides is to pay for big ride in advance.  If I pay for it I am riding it!  And most importantly, I really do like the rides I take.  So I have settled on organized rides 2014!

As always, the End of February will be there Chilly Hilly.  It’s a tradition for me, 33 miles of hills, cold, a few thousand of my best friends, and baked goods all along the route.

imageIt was my very first organized ride, back when I had to push up the hills.

In March I will try the McClinchy mile again.  It is 50 miles through Snohomish County.  Last year was my first time.  I say try, because even though it is March, the weather is worse and the elevation higher, there is a much better chance of Snow!



In May, I will do the May Day Classic.  I really liked this one.  It went from Federal Way to the entrance of Rainier and back.  It had one helluva head wind and some killer hills, so it will be a great training ride.  PLUS its cheap and there is apple pie at the end!

Plenty of views of the mountain on the Mayday Classic
Plenty of views of the mountain on the Mayday Classic

June will be the Flying Wheels Summer Century.  I was not as pleased with this ride last time, and I got stung by a bee!  But its the perfect training ride for the ones coming up next.  Plus if this guy can do it…

imageWhat may be my biggest ride this year is the July Seattle to Portland, in one day.  YEP 206 miles.  Michelle and I already have the hotel in Portland booked, as well as a few days in Cannon Beach afterwards.  A great police to recover!


But I may not be done there!  I will put my name in the hat for the RAMROD again.  150 miles around Mt Rainier in August!

These will of course mean a LOT of long training rides with hills, and distance!  A trip up Chinook pass again, to Port Townsend, Maybe Whidbey this year…

Yep, being a couch potato is SO much easier, but near as much fun! Plus what would I blog about?   Bring it!


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