I Really Musta Missed the Memo…

Ever have one of those rides or days where you just seem to be out of sync with the rest of the riders?  Days where you are feeling good, legs are strong and you are making some fast miles, until everyone else seems to be hellbent on getting in your way…

Or the days when it’s sunny, warm, you have nowhere to go and all day to get there, and its the perfect day to simply lase along, take in the sights, stop and take pictures and maybe even see wildlife, except EVERYONE else seems to have decided it was the day to post their personal best time on the very route you are enjoying…

Yeah those days you are just not on the same page with the rest of the world.  That was what I felt today.  I was ready for my regular ride home, little did I know it was a day for jerks to be on the road.  

And nope, I am NOT talking about cars, I am referring to my fellow cyclists!

It started innocently enough.  I was crossing the University Bridge, which is a slight incline.  I wasn’t standing in the saddle, but nor was I dogging it.  This bridge has a pretty darn wide bike path. I was not hugging the far right, but I left plenty of room for someone to pass on the left.

I caught something out of the corner of my right eye as I checked out the view and sure enough some lady was coming up right behind me on the right.  Her front wheel was pert near even with my back.  So I moved to the left to give her room.  She basically snarled “I am PASSING on your left!” and pulled out and around…  Well if you wanted to be on the left, then why weren’t you…

OK I let it slide and kept going.  In the UW campus, there are two spots where the Burke Gilman crosses a main road and we have to wait for a walk signal.  No biggie.  I was waiting, the light turned, and I started to go, and this little snip of a thing came blazing down the road from the left and turned right in front of me, good thing I was watching.  She then blew the don’t walk at the next road…

Sheesh!  OK now I was starting to wonder…  I cruised along farther, saw some cranky looking people.  No one nodded or raised a hand to say “hi” coming the opposite direction.  I was passed 2 or 3 times, and not once did I hear an on your left.  That is until the final jerk!

Now, I average about 15-16 mph on the trail.  With the saddle bags I am happy with that.  But there is one thing i ALWAYS slow down for.  Little kids.  Up ahead I could see a dad (on the right) a mom ( in the middle) and a little on the left walking on the path, going the same way I was.  Murphy’s law always has it happen that the only time you have to pass someone, is when someone is coming the other way, making it impossible.

With the little being on the left, I didn’t want to take any chances.  So I slowed to let the walker coming the other way get by and leaving me plenty of room.  Suddenly I hear “ON YOUR LEFT”  and the jerk of all jerks (Wearing a UW jersey I might add….) blasts by me, yells the same to the family just as the other person and they are passing each other.

This horses ass, squeezes through the tiny gab left between 4 people, the mom grabs her kid to pull him to safety and the twit never slows…  I apologized for bad riders as I went by slowly, but she was mad (rightfully so) and glared at me.  Don’t blame her!

I have no idea what brought these people out today.  Is it that the holidays are over?  It was their first day back at work? It was cold (for us) so not a fun ride?  Or maybe someone declared today national jack ass day in Seattle and I missed the memo!  Whatever the reason, I am hoping I don’t see them tomorrow!


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