Yoga is NOT for me…

As we know, I am doing my best to get into as good a shape as I can.  This of course means eating better and working out as often as possible.  Part of this is easy.  Bike commuting means my exercise starts  the minute I leave work and 1.5 house later when I get home, my work out is done!  Pretty darn efficient if I do say so myself.

However, as much fun as it is to do so, and as much as it does for the lower body (legs and butt) cycling is NOT what you would call an exercise to strengthen your core.  Which is why I have been taking the boxing/mma class at work. 

I’ve enjoyed that class a lot, so I thought I’d try something else new.  Today, we had a free half hour yoga class at work, so YEP I showed up….

 Over the years I have done many different things to stay in shape.  There was a time I’d go to the gym.  My favorite machine was the stairmaster that looked like a mini escalator.  You had to match the pace of the steps, and if you didn’t, you fell off.  I could do that for hours!  In fact, more than once I would show up with the backpack on when training for a mountain.  Always made people look at me strange.

Now?  I avoid gyms, I like the outside work outs.  I think it’s the fresh are, freedom and sounds of nature that helps.  I’ve run and cycled in monsoons, hiked in blinding snow storms, and done flights of stairs at 4 AM. 


But, since I am no longer carrying a 40 lb pack, the upper body is not getting any exercise.  And since we can work out at work, I am trying new things.  

So today was yoga.  There were only 3 of us.  2 ladies that had done it before and me.  I borrowed a mat, a blanket and brick and I was rarin to go. 

Valerie the teacher was very nice.  She told us not to push it.  When we did a pose, to stretch until we felt is and modify it to meet our body needs.  She wanted us to be sure not to hurt ourselves.  She also told us that monks developed yoga to keep them from falling asleep when meditating. 

That made me laugh, as I would need something like that as well!  OK let’s do this!

I have NO idea what all the poses were.  I know there was a downward dog, cat, cow, and some others.  I worked hard at controlling the breathing and following along slowly, controlling my motions.  But I can guarantee it wasn’t pretty.

I was trying to figure out whether I was enjoying this or not (I really wanted to so I could tell my blogger friend (and extreme yoga master) Tiarefitness) that I liked it and would do it again.  But then I realized I was getting queasy. 

I was getting motion sick!  As a kid in a car, I would get car sick a lot, and to this day I can’t ride the teacups or any other spinning ride.  I can ride roller coasters up and until the point I can’t! 


And that’s where I was now today.  I don’t know it the room was warm, or the up and down of the head made me dizzy or what it was.  But after class, I had to go outside and walk in the fresh air to keep from losing my lunch.

I am glad I tried it.  Now I know I am not a yoga person.  My buddy Dave told me he woulda told me that if I’d asked him (he says I am not a Pilates person either!)  Somehow, I think the peace and serenity of the class would be ruined by me tossing my cookies each week. 

So the free class served its purpose and saved me $60.  I will stick with the boxing and the cycling!  Maybe I am just now meant to bend so much!

But I did learn a new word!  Namaste!

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