Wisdom and Brautwurst!

I am not sure if I’ve ever discussed my favorite food s with yall, so today seems like a great day to do it!

I am sure everyone has certain things they really really like!  For me, there are a few.  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies top the list.  I could eat both all day every day.  I am not a big candy bar person, but a big cookie or brownie, and I am all over it!  Trust me with your money, kids or pet, but lord not with your brownies!

Then there is pizza.  It’s the perfect food!  Grains, meat, dairy, vegies, fiber hell even fruit.  My best dinner and breakfast when cycling the Oregon coast was a large meat lovers pizza!  Good warm or cold!  Without pizza, there is always a good burger!  Preferably a mushroom swiss!  YUM!!

There are others, but today, we are discussing hot dogs and the horror that happened at work today… 

But before the story, first the dogs!  I grew up with Oscar Meyer and Ball Park Franks (they plump when you cook em!)  Much to my dad’s disgust, I hate mustard and eat them with ketchup!   Also, chopping them and putting them in the water with Kraft Mac and Cheese, then mixing it all together!  OH YUM!!!

Editor’s note:  yes yes, I know.  If I knew what was in them I wouldn’t eat them!  Liking hot dogs is the reason I NEVER read the label on food!

In college, heating turkey franks (they were cheaper) in the microwave and melting a slice of cheese on them were a perfect snack while waiting for the pizza to be delivered. 

Now-a-days, my hot dog days are much rarer as I try to eat better.  On a long bike ride though, a good hot dog can get you to the end of the ride.  This is why I file away the loaction of stands when I see them

Case in point:  The STP in one day ride.  I was 30 miles out from the end and dying.  I stopped at a food stop and they had Hot dogs, brownies and Mtn Dew!  Manna from heaven!  I made it to the end!

So yesterday, the work cafeteria posted they would have $1 hot dogs in honor of the Seahawks game Saturday!  YES!!!  I had boxing class, and right after I’d have a dog or two and be ready for the rest of the day!

At 1:20 (lunch ends at 2) I bellied up to the bar, I mean counter, and asked “Hey where are the dogs?”

Rocky said “We ran out!”

Suddenly a loud wookie yell escaped my throat.  (Yep no lie, middle of work)  All eyes turned to me and my boss (who was getting a salad behind me ) asked “You bellowed?”

OK, I was bummed, plus my only other option was either salad or a mediocre sandwich.  OH HELL NO!!

Off to Amazon town!  Three blocks away from my office is Amazon.coms headquarters, and it’s the mecca of food trucks, and, more importantly, a hot dog stand!  I walked up, ordered my braut, with cream cheese on the bun (don’t judge till you try it!) and then the proprietor also provided me with a nugget of wisdom.

He asked how my day was, and I responded “not bad” (or some such drivel) and asked about his.  And I loved his answer. 

“Well you know, people have been a bit challenging today.  But on days like this, I remember something my grandpa told me.  He said ‘Boy, the good book says you gotta love your neighbor, and you should.  But nowhere does it say you gotta like them!’”

I just stood there for a minute to let that sink in, and smiled…  He went on to say.

“I am glad he told me that, because there were times when momma would say ‘I am really not liking you today!’  and I’d always ask, ‘But you love me right?’ She’d smile and nod every time.”

“So on days like today, I just smile, remember my old grandpa, and plug along.  Inside saying ‘I don’t like you today’ while outwardly showing the love!”

And with that he handed me a the perfect braut and I gave him 2 extra bucks for a tip.

Lunch started with me being bummed (and doing a wookie noise) but ended with better food and something to remember!

Have a great weekend!

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