It’s all a matter of perspective

One of the things I learned, and learned well as a hiker, was to make sure I had what I needed to stay dry and warm no matter what the weather was.  In my backpack, at least at this time of year, you would find, extra gloves, gortex, fleece, spare hat and whatever else I would need to prevent hypothermia!

Now on a bike, I don’t have to worry about hypothermia riding home from work, but I do have to worry about afternoons like these.

imageIn fact, last week was a lot like this!  So my panniers have everything I need to stay as dry and warm as possible.

But today, none of this was needed.  It was the perfect cycling home day!

Now I will tell you right now, perfect is in the eye of the beholder!  My friend Gina in Arizona and Trish in Atlanta, would strongly disagree with me! Of course they fear frostbite if it gets below 70.

And, if this was September, after a good warm summer, I would disagree as well!

But, after weeks of butt biting cold, or high winds, that make your butt get bitt even more in the cold, or rain, that makes it damp and cold, I was amazed when I pushed the bike outside after work!

The sun was out.  Not not a sunbreak, but a sunny afternoon!  I had been stuck teaching in a room without windows all day and had no idea.  And it was warm.  I’d say at least 51 degrees outside.  And finally there was no wind at all!

Time to shuck layers!  I took off the warm layer under the windbreaker, and stuck with just the light coat.  I also zipped off the bottoms of my long cycling pants.

It was the smoothest and most fun ride (After I dodged on the darn UW kids) in a long time.  I almost even caught a whiff of spring in the air!

OK, OK, I know, next week it could snow.  It is ONLY January.  But I gotta say, from at least my perspective, this was the perfect day to ride, and I am damn lucky I got to!


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