Couple Steps in the right direction today!

Today was a good day in Strohville as far as being healthy and making progress for 2014!  As we all know, I am the first to put myself down if I don’t do the right thing or if I skip a few days that I shouldn’t, so I thought I’d point out a good day and the things I did right!

But before I do, I want to give a shout out to my buddy Rod Brooks.  Now in the interest of a full disclosure, Rod is one of the execs (yep the big kahunas) at my company.  What is very cool about my company, as opposed to others, is that someone at that level and I CAN be friends, We are fellow COUGS, and enjoy each others company.

The shout out, is the fact he has gathered together a group of us misfits to a Facebook page to be mutually supportive in our endeavors to get healthier.  He is leading the charge with daily selfless of himself working out, and I believe his efforts are helping all of us!  If you want to know more about him, check out his blog Seeing the Edge.

Editors note:  for those who may think I am working on brown nose points, it aint my style.  Trust me if the man was a jerk and I didn’t like and respect him, he would NOT be mentioned here.  Believe it or not I do have standards! He has earned the shout out and I appreciate his efforts.

OK enough of that, lets talk about me! 

I am in the middle of teaching a new Homeowners Adjuster at the mighty P.  He’s a very nice guy, and I am enjoying the week so far.  Long about 930 though, my iPad went off with an alert saying “Chilly Hilly and Seattle to Portland Registration open!”

OK class!  Break time!  And I busted out the Visa card and went to .  These are two rides that I plan to do this year.  Now the Chilly Hilly in February has no limit to the amount of riders.  There are only so many nuts who want to ride 33 miles up and down hills

Chilly Hilly Topo map
Chilly Hilly Topo map

in the freezing cold.  (OK really its 3-4000 nuts).  So it wasn’t important to do that one immediately.

The STP though caps at 10000 riders.  Last year it sold out near Valentines day.  I had the funds and the time now, and I am NOT missing it.  Now, I am officially signed up for both.  And being the cheap SOB that I am , if I pay for something, I am riding it!  So let the training begin!

That wasn’t all I did though…  Nope not at all!

After the normal Tuesday night dinner and games at Starbucks with the Manchild (I won 2 games of chess AND checkers tonight) I stopped at the stairs on the way home.

imageThese stairs take you up to Capital hill (you are looking down here).  There are 297 steps up and then 297 back down.  With the landings I count it as an even 300.  I had the music cranked (Bon Jovi ALWAYS makes a work out better!) and did 5 round trips, or 1500 up and back!

I was very happy with this since the work stairwell seems to be kicking my ass lately!  I honestly think the fresh air (OK and Bon Jovi) makes a big difference!  I know i had at least 2 more flights in these legs, but LONG ago, I learned not to push it.  I will already feel it as it is.

Tomorrow after work is dinner with a friend, but I will try to get to the work out room for 40 minutes before meeting her.  Then I will cycle home Thursday and Friday.  Wrapping up a good week!

It’s not often I am very happy with the wellness day!  But today I am! (The endorphins must still be pumping!)

Talk to y’all soon!


One thought on “Couple Steps in the right direction today!

  1. Tony you are on a roll! I can’t wait to see pics and your progress on those two rides! I so wish I was able to do things like that, one day it will happen. It is awesome that your “Big Boss” has implemented such a program with co-workers. Most people spend the majority of their lives with people they work with and what better way to get in shape and make a few friends in the workplace! Its a win-win!!

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