Why do I do what I do?

You never know when something special will happen.  I might see a bald eagle soaring close to the ground, or have an incredible down hill run, or just see a cool sunset.palouse

When something like this occurs. i will frequently, say to myself (sometimes quite loudly actually) “This is why I do what I do!” And I get a huge grin on my face!

But that explains why I enjoy what I do, but how did I become Mountainstroh?

Now I did a whole post once on the day I became Mountainstroh, it was the day I was asked to try and climb Mt Rainier the first time.   I will never forget it.

But today I started wondering, what is it about me that made me jump at the chance instead of saying “You are crazy!”

I started pondering this after posting this picture on Facebook

crevasseI see this and I and my first thought is “Where is this??  I want to go!”   I Stepping over this crack would get the blood a pumping!  Plus who knows what else is out there to see!”

Not everyone I know has the same response.  One friend posted that there was a fine line between over coming a fear and being stupid.  So why is it that I am drawn to this (which doesn’t seem all that stupid to me) , and century rides, and long steep down hills?

Why do I crave the adrenaline rush, and go out of my way to do it?  (and make my mom Sigh a lot).  None of my friends do what I do.  It ride and hike alone, but thats makes it even more fun when I make it where I am going.

But its always been that way!  When I was 4, I was riding a red wagon down a hill, flew out and cracked open my head, blood everywhere!  5, I slid to the bottom of a iced over hill behind our trailer trying to get to some long ice circles.  (Mom had to throw me a clothes line and pull me up!)

Grade school my friends and I would pack our packs and go to Sand Canyon for the day.  Climbing sand hills, and trees, jumping off cliffs, binding from army guys, and doing what boys are supposed to do when mom’s aren’t watching (I was always careful mom!).

Looking back, throughout my life, I may not have been the biggest or strongest kid (lord knows I got beat up enough times) but I was never afraid to try something, or see if something could be done.

Now it could be all kids are like this, but normal kids grow out of it.  Or it could be I started working way to soon fresh out of college and never got to feed my adventure genes.  Who knows.

All I know, is that pictures like the one above, stirs something deep inside.  Makes me want to get off my  ass at work, and head east to the mountains and see how high I can get.

Pictures like this

7748_10152132018659424_1146482182_nMake me want to ride to the top, turn around and see if I can make it all the down without touching the brakes.

Mybe I shoulda been around in the old west to ride with the Pony Express (cept I suck on a horse), or been with Mallory when he tried to be the first up Everest.

But I wasn’t there then, I am an almost 50 year old cowboy in 2014.  Some might think my time for adventures is over, and its time to grow up.  I think a bit differently.  As long as these legs will get me places, and I am still dumb enough to try, I am going for it!

So NOPE, no idea why I am the way I am, but I am damn glad that it turned out this way!



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