When is exercise NOT exercise?

In most cases I do not know what the heck I am going to blog about from one day to the next.  Sometimes I hear something on the radio, or see something in the paper.  Or it could be something that happens during my bike commute home.

But other times, my friends, either on purpose or by accident, inspire the post.  And today that is what happened!

I was complaining about my weigh in on Facebook.  Even after not eating anything bad, and working out or riding every day I went UP half a pound! I was grouchy!  This of course started the discussion about muscle being heavier than fat, and different ways of working out.

Then the East Coast Goddess of Hiking, Hillary, posted the line of the day.  When talking about the hiking she is doing (putting my days of hiking to shame I might say) she said “It’s great to find a form of exercise that you enjoy so much that it’s no longer exercise!!”

Well hell!  In a few words, the lady explained exactly why I never maintained a gym membership.  in a pinch i can use a workout room at a hotel or the one at work, to get my exercise.  But at best, I can get 40 minute or so under my belt.

On days like today, when I wasn’t able to ride home, i will ride in the shed on the rollers.


Not the most fun time mind you, but today I was watching Game of Thrones.  It helps keep my mind off the fact I am getting nowhere quick.  For the heck of it though, I snapped a picture of myself while doing so.  Does this guy look like he is having fun?

imageAt the best I can get a little over an hour on the rollers with the right movie.

Why such a short time for the workout room or rollers?  Because its just exercise.  it is NOT fun.  I have to force myself to get out there and keep telling myself to stay to get a decent workout.

Ahhh, but then, like Hillary, I have found my “unexercise” when i ride the bike.

When I am outside riding, i don’t count it as a work out unless its well over an hour, if not 2.  And that is for a quick workout.  As the year progresses, the rides will get longer.  Shoot some days I have to force myself NOT to sneak in an extra few miles.  Going non stop for 4 hours will be the norm.  Who do you know spends 4 hours on the treadmill at the gym?

But thats just the beginning.  Later, when I do 100 mile rides and more to get ready for the STP. It will be closer to 8 hours in the saddle!  And instead of looking like I do up there, I will most likely look more like this.image

Then the grandaddy of the year, 206 miles in one day.  14+ hours in the saddle! I challenge you to find a gym rat who works out for 14 hours straight.

Why can I do so much more outside, even in the rain or cold?  Because it is fun!  On routes you ride every day, you will see new people or new sights.  New routes? Everything is a discovery.  A long uphill will be rewarded with a long downhill and we all know hoe much I LOVE a long down hill.  The air is fresh, the sounds of nature, and views can be gorgeous.

So what is the point of the post?  Well, i’ll tell ya.  Watch TV or listen to the radio, and ways to lose weight (or regrowing hair) are talked about more than any other commercial.  How many times have you hear “Take this pill, or drink this stuff, and the fat will melt away while you sleep!”

Folks not gonna happen.  Gotta eat right, get sleep, but without moving and sweating and using muscles we were given, we aint gonna loose an ounce.

But if you don’t find the right exercise, something you enjoy, look forward to, and keep doing longer, sooner or later the excuses will start.  “I’m a little sore today, i’ll go tomorrow.”  I’m kinda tired. maybe Monday.” etc.  Then suddenly, the exercise program is done, till next new years.

So, try everything  There’s no telling what might be your exercise passion.  Find it, and then do it whenever you can and twice on Sundays.  Remember when we were kids before the interwebs? Our fun outside WAS our exercise.  We can recapture that.  Rediscover the fun activities and you will be amazed at how quickly you can be healthy and in shape!

Hillary, keep logging the miles and elevation!  Thanks for the blog idea!  You rock lady!




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