Rewarded Myself Today

OK, like many people, I try to recover from the holidays in January.  the Holidays are a time of eating and drinking too much, not exercising enough, and watching the belt of truth moving to a hole that shows your waist IS getting bigger.

So in January I have been dry as a tater chip.  Yep no beer or wine till sometime in February.  I have been eating better (no snacks in the house) and I have been working out more.  For the last three weeks I have either worked out or been on the bike riding home 6 out of 7 days each week.

So today, I decided it was a day to reward myself!

imageYep, I LOVE a good cheeseburger!  And this is the Le Truffle Love.  Burger, bacon, Swiss cheese, truffle mayo and tater tots!  From the Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle.  YUM!!

It worked out well today.  The Manchild is with us this weekend.  But he had a deal last night he really wanted to go to with some friends.  He asked if it would be ok if he hopped a bus from Federal Way and I would get him in Seattle.  A win for both sides!  He wouldn’t have to catch a transfer to my house,  and Seattle is less than half the distance to his place, a much faster trip for me.

AND, it drops him right by Lunchbox Lab at lunch time!  When we got there, the party of 3 ahead of us had a 35 minute wait, but with only two we were seated in 5!

I have had people ask me though, why would you negate so many hours of working out for a meal like that.  You could eat healthy and do so much better.

Well true, but with some exceptions that my wife makes, for the most past healthy food aint near as tasty as good (but not so healthy) food!

There are certain foods I love!  Burgers, pasta, PIZZA, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and calzones just to name a few.  Then there is the best restaurant in Federal Way.  My Mom’s house!  All of these taste great but are not conducive to the Tony Diet.

But, here is the important piece.  We deserve to reward ourselves for working out!  Its easy to NOT work out.  Gravity keeps our butts in the couch and we have to fight it to get up.  Those of us who do get moving, especially on a regular basis can enjoy something like this from time to time without a problem.

And that’s key number 2.  Time to time!  I hear a lot of people complain about kids and adults having issues with their weight because of fast food.  I can tell you my mom took us to McDonalds (Lord the day the first one opened in Germany when we were stationed there, it was like manna from heaven!)  And the Manchild and Mathmajor both had many MANY happy meals toys around the house.

Why are there no weight issues?  It wasn’t every day, hell it wasn’t every week!  It was a treat, or a new toy came out, or it had been a long drive and EVERYONE was hungry.  Instead of a staple, it was an event to look forward to.  And you know, I can’t remember the last time either of them has gone there. They both prefer subway or Taco Del Mar, much better tasting and healthier options.

And finally, I know me.  If I don’t let myself eat something ‘good’ now and then I start missing it and get grouchy.  I know I will need to work out hard this week to make up for it, so I will!  But DAMN it was good.  And like I said, I deserved it!

Plus, manchild liked it too!

Thanks for reading!


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