The most amazing woman we know

I don’t normally do posts like this.  Ones that are about someone my wife and I know.  Many of the people I know are private, and I’d feel rude if I threw them out there to the world without permission.

Editors note:  This does NOT count telling stories about your college buddies.  Those are fair game and have been told and retold over the years.  They are fair game.

No, this is about a dear friend of ours, who has the biggest and most loving heart in the world.  This is a person, who many mornings posts something like “Have a great day my peeps. Remember smile, be happy, and know you are loved”

Then, when she comes into work I get a huge good morning hug as well.  And the best part, From our girl Coni, it is true genuine warmth and love that she is sharing with us.

imageBut her heart is big enough that its not just us she gives love to!

This lovely lady is now a grandma twice over!  (YES I know, grandmas are NOT supposed to look that young!)  Those two boys have the second best grandma in the world! (Our kids have the best!) and they are very lucky!

Now most parents (OK maybe only me) look forward to the time when the house will be quiet and empty and they can do adult stuff again.  Not our Coni.

She and her hubby looked around at the house, saw how much room they had, and did what was needed (I have no idea what it is but it can’t be easy) to become Foster parents.  They open their homes to help littles when they need it the most.  And they help the littlest of the littles.  Those that need feedings at night, or were born to addicted parents and have issues themselves.

Coni and her hubby (and she says many times there is NO way she’d make it without him) have gone out of their way to look for those in need, and more importantly, fulfill the need!  I have no idea how many kids they helped, but each were damn lucky it was her.

Now you would think that would be enough….

But nope, they have gone a step farther!  Three of the littles that came into their lives are now there permanently!  Yep they adopted them.  A family that had raised one set of kids, is now raising another whole family.  While STILL fostering!

This means, that the world has a chance for 3 more Coni’s in the future!

And finally, she is there for all of us.  if anyone is sad, or down, or needs help, she is the first one there.  Even when she has her own stresses in work and home, they all get dropped if she learns we are in need.  She is truly a wonder woman


In a world where the news is full of people who lie, cheat, steal and hurt people, it’s good to know there is a Coni out there making the world better.  Its even better for Michelle and I, because we know her personally and we are damn lucky.  I call her a dear friend, and Michelle, even though their moms are different, calls her sister.

We love you Coni and thanks for being there!

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