I’ll admit it, I thought we were in trouble.

We all know I am a diehard WSU COUG fan.  I always will be.  But this time of year, with college over, the attention changes to the Seattle Seahawks.  And attention it is!  I have to tell you, that when the Hawks are playing in the regular season, you see Seahawk blue and 12th man flags everywhere!

But when, like now, they are in the play offs, the town erupts.  It, for all intents and purposes, feels like one giant college campus getting ready for the rivalry game.  Hell, even my company gets in the act.  This is our lobby at PEMCO.



So yep. I was blue Fridayed up, and ready to watch today, but I am going to come clean.  I did NOT think we would pull it off!

Today was the NFC Championship game!  Us against the San Francisco 49ers.

In our last few games, I just have NOT been impressed with what I saw.  We’ve squeaked by, and played JUST well enough to win.  Meanwhile, the 49ers, have been on an 8 game winning streak.  Add to it, these two team HATE each other, I was seriously worried.

And the first play of the game, Russell Wilson fumbles??? UGH!… I was a pacing fool, I was doing everything I could to keep the heart pumping.  And this went on and on…. And it lasted until 40 seconds left when we intercepted the ball in our own end zone!  Clinching the win! OH HELL YEAH!!!  Of course if you ask Siri, she will tell you SF LOST not Seattle won.



So my apologies to all for being a doubting Thomas, um Tony!

But now, now things get interesting.  For only the second time in Seattle’s history, our team is going to he Superbowl.  Playing our old AFC rivals the Broncos.  I can only imagine the hype that will be going on.  People will be living and breathing blue, 12s will be everywhere, and I get to come along for the ride!

So hang on everyone, here come the Hawks!

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