What a Difference a Year Makes!

On Sunday I did something that I have not done much this winter. I rode on the rollers in the shed.  I had a movie going, Bruce Willis “Last Man Standing”.  Which by the way is very violent and action packed.  This makes it the perfect ride in the shed movie, at least for me.

But it started me thinking.  It is only the 3rd movie I have finished since bad weather riding started in October.  Last year I was finishing two and part of a third every WEEK.  Something changed.

Now you might think that one answer would be that I am riding fewer days during the week.  Well, I am here to tell you, that if that was the answer I would be one cranky cowboy.  Nope, in fact I am riding MORE miles.  And the reason is a good one!

This time last year I was working at the Holy P (Providence Health and Services).  The office, as the bike would travel, was 30 miles from my house.  As we know, 30 miles isn’t a big deal for me, but I woulda had to take off awful early in the morning to get to work on time and I’d be getting home pretty darn late.  Michelle and I would rarely see each other, and neither of us would be happy.

Add to it, it gets dark by 5 at the latest this time of year, so after work riding wasn’t much of an option.  This meant the only option was the shed.  Now you know why I have watched the first and second season of Game of Thrones while saddled up and riding to nowhere!

In March of last year, I went back to the Mighty P (PEMCO Insurance).  The office is only 17 bike miles from my house, much more doable!  Plus, I can put the bike on the back of Michelle’s s to of to work together and ride home. its a win win.

BUT, there still needed to be a kick in the pants.  Something to get me out of the comfy car on cold and rainy days, and ready to ride home in the dark (for the last few miles.)  This was bike to work month, sponsored by Cascade Bike Club.

One of the other recent new hires, was an avid biker and had participated in this at his prior companies. He was excited to put a Might P team together, and out of the blue, Dan emailed me at work.  SURE! Though I, sounds like fun!  I started my bike commuting life in April 2013.

There have been a few trials and issues, as I’ve listed in numerous posts.  But over all. I average 3 days a week cycling home, plus rides on the weekend.  Thats a guaranteed 51 miles a week plus whatever I can squeeze in extra.  AND, buy the time I get home I’ve had my hour-plus work out!

The other significant change is the bike.  I started the year with this trusty steed

The bikes name is NOT Fred
The bikes name is NOT Fred

But it was stolen from the garage at work (a VERY sad day)

The Mighty P stepped up, and a week later, there was an inside location for the bikes!  The new steed spends a lot of time here!


I am still paranoid, and lock it up securely every day when I bring it in.  “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….”

But I digress.  Yes, there has been a big change since last year, and I love it!  Cold or wet, sunny or foggy, riding in the fresh air is SO much more fun than the shed.  Plus, breathing in the outdoors helps keep me healthy and happy.

I don’t see me leaving the Mighty P anytime soon, but stranger things have happened.  If it ever does, bike miles to the new job would be a prime consideration!

Like the wind people!

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