OK, in general I am lucky and happy guy.  I get to wake up next to a gorgeous wife who loves me.  I like my job and people I work with, and I get to have a lot of fun. Plus we have two great kids.  So all in all, I shouldn’t complain.

However, it was not a good day in Strohville.  So I am grouchy.  Now there were some good parts, Michelle was all over the smiling and telling me she loved me throughout the day.  I got to spend the evening with the Manchild, and we went to my mom’s for a great dinner (Home made chili mac and brownies for dessert!  YUM!)  So again I shouldn’t complain.

But, today wasn’t a great day for Mountainstroh.

Every now and then, when I look in the mirror, I am not sure if it’s the light or a shadow or what it is, but now and then there is one very OLD looking dude looking back at me.  I know its silly, and I know its vain, but I HATE days when this happens.  Unlike my best friend the Mudsucker and Michelle, both of whom turn 50 this year, just as I am, I am not taking it well.

Those two are embracing it, me, I just feel like I am closer to point where I may someday have to hang up the bike and hiking boots and break out the rocker.  Days when the old guy stares back at me don’t help.

Work was not the best.  I am on the third rendition of a project “Tony can we change a few things, we’ve updated our procedures and the screen prints you have are out of date!”  I was close to beating the computer with the teaching stick!   Finally got it to work just as it was time to leave. 

Because I needed to get this done today, the lunch time walk had to go by the wayside! I was able to sneak out get Michelle a Smoothie (She is still fighting an ugly cough, and it helps to drink something cold.) but a 10 minute walk isn’t the same.

Then I found out my car needed the emissions tested.  I was sure I had done that last year, but nope.  That means I have to get to the testing place tomorrow, and HOPE it passes (1997 Ford Escort with 299500 miles (yep no typo there) I am not sure it will).  If it doesn’t, I have to get it to a shop, spend at least $150 and try again…

That will be AFTER I go to the dentist tomorrow for a deep cleaning (Boy doesn’t THAT sound like fun!) I won’t go into my saga of dental care that started with army dentists in the 4th grade.  But it has led me to tomorrow and a dentist who is NOT happy with my mouth.  UGH!

But thats tomorrow. I am still on today.  On most bad days, there is a bike ride home to clear the mind, and get me in a better mood.  But like I said, above, it was an evening with the Manchild and his grandma (which was fun!) No worries, I was going to stairs afterwards to work off the food.

Key word, WAS.  You see, as I was leaving Starbucks with the kid, we heard a CRACK!  I had rolled over something sharp.  I checked the tire and seemed ok, I couldn’t hear any hissing nor feel any air.  So I took him home and headed for the stairs.

I got there and got out and it was damn near flat!  Luckily I keep a can of fix a flat in the car.  I used it, drove to the store near my house, and bought a second.  Then drove a bit to make sure the second got distributed correctly.  

So, no walk, no bike, no workout, potentially a flat in the morning, painful dentist appt tomorrow, possible flunking emissions, and feeling very very old. 

imageYeah, just not a good day in Strohville, and if I have to go to Discount Tire tomorrow, it might be another grouchy day without a ride…. 

Sorry to whine folks.  I am sure the normal guy will be back soon.


2 thoughts on “Grouchy

  1. We all have those days. Just be happy it is not every day. I have a win the day formula. If I meet the items on that list, then I win the day. Now I know that I will not win every day but as long as I can win 4 days out of 7, then I win the week. If I win 3 weeks out of the 4.3 weeks in the month, then I win the month. If I win 8 month out of 12, then it was a good year.

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