NOT a normal day

Ever notice that work days all seem to blur together?  Get up about the same time, get ready the way you normally to (Shower, shave, brush teeth etc).  Then leave about the same time each morning and head to work along the same route.

Then there is the daily at work steps during the day.  Saying hi to people, maybe breakfast, checking email, sneaking out to look at Facebook, and getting the morning dose of your favorite caffeinated beverage to kick-start the heart.

Then there is the work you do each day until lunch, followed by the afternoon tasks till its time to go home. Finally the ride or drive home.  Yep it all blurs together.

Today was NOT that day…

First off, I was happy to find out, after yesterday’s post, that the tire of my car was NOT flat this morning!  I fired up the car and headed into work!  Sadly, when I got OFF the freeway and into the parking lot the tire was flat.  CRAP!

OK, no worries, I got this.  I was going to wait until the sun came up and go change the tire!  I pride myself on my tire changing skills.  I’ve had this car for 17 years this month, and I have changed every tire that needed it.  This would be no different.

So, went down, broke out the jack, spare and tire iron and went to work.  I placed the iron on the first lug nut and pulled.  NUTHIN.  OK, no worries, lift with the legs, PULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!  Nuthin.  I could NOT crack a single one of them.  Well HELL!  Plan B.  Had to call AAA.

Well Andy showed up 15 minutes later, and 15 minutes after that, it was all done.  He at least was nice enough to at pretend they were on there pretty tight.

OK, back to work, but only for an hour.  Since we were all busy over the holidays, we planned our holiday outing as a brunch today.  We went to the Portage Bay cafe.  I found out today that my boss is a trivia buff when it comes to Star Wars.  I’ve known her for years, but this was new for me.  Kinda fun to learn.  The food on the other hand, not so great.  I won’t go back there again.

OK, back to work, but again only for a bit,  I was off to the Dentist at noon.  DEEP cleaning time.  Complete with lasers.  Folks, I am here to tell you, avoid this!  That lady was digging and grinding things like I have NEVER seen or heard.  Plus the comment “If you smell something burning during the laser part don’t worry!” does NOT instill confidence.

OK, survived that, and it was off to discount tire!

This was the highlight of the day!  Turns out the tire was still under the free replacement guarantee!  Total cost for a new tire, $28!  Score!  Plus I was in and out in 10 minutes!  NICE!!

Then the last errand of the day, emissions test for the car!  For 17 years it has passed with flying colors (it now has 297,500 miles (97 Ford Escort Wagon)) so I was hoping it would happen again.  NOT so much….

Yep i failed.  Looks like some sensor somewhere is dead Jim.  So the TRUE last errand turned out to be dropping the car at the shop.  So there its sits right now.  The good news?  At least I got a mile walk home from the shop.

And as I am writing this, hanging with Michelle while she is watching the Makeover episode of biggest loser, I can feeling is coming back to my mouth, which is good.  But I am starting to feel what she did, which may NOT be good.

So all in all, not a great day, but it sure is hell was a memorable one.  The plan tomorrow is to ride to work for the first time this year.  This means I need to get the bike ready to go.  AND wake up early.  Tomorrow will be a better day 🙂


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