Our donations page is finally UP!!!

Folks, I really like these two. Even though their two wheels have an engine instead of pedal power, going from the tip of South America up to Alaska is something g I can only dream of. I donated $20 today. So I’d you love people who go on adventures, and want to help. Or think they are nuts but still want to help go for it! I also recommend the blog!

Great American Trek

Our donations page is finally UP!!! Every cent helps, and will help us to help others. If you dig what we’re doing & want to help us to do it, please have a gander at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/great-american-trek
The money goes a long way, for example:
R 300 = 4 days in Panama/Columbia
=5 days in Ecuador/ Peru/ Bolivia
=1 day in Chile, Paraguay/Arg/Costa Rica
= half a day in USA/Canada/Alaska

R150 is one tank of petrol which will take us two days (300km), or two tanks of petrol in Bolivia. So every little bit will help the trip. Its also important to remember that all the proceeds for the documentary will be going to charity (MSF and Kind Cuts for Kids), so its all for the greater good-

~Megs and Poodle

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