Hi My Name is Tony and I was a Grump

OK, looking back over the last couple of posts, it appears that our friendly neighborhood Mountainstroh has NOT been his normal chipper self.  Hell, it almost seems like he’s been downright grouchy.

Well its true, dentists, car issues, feeling old, and missing some workouts all combined to make me a bit of a grump.  Michelle never likes seeing me be anything less than happy.  She has done her level best to cheer me up, and she does wonders that way!

Today was much better!

 As you may remember, Michelle was the Seattle Jingle Bell Walk/Run honoree.  Which meant she served on the organizing committee this year.  She made phone calls for donations, entered data in the system, fetched coffee and worked a booth drumming up participants.


As her trusty side kick I tagged along and did whatever it was (except making calls) that I could do to help! 

Thursday night (last night) we were invited out to Twigs for our thank you gathering. Given the Jingle Bell event was in December, we were ALL too busy to do so earlier.  I wanted to go, as it would be the last time she would be the honoree, they will soon have a new one.  BUT, doing so meant another day this week of not riding home.  Potential  grouch extension.

But then it hit me.  “The bike goes both ways pal!”

Normally, Michelle and I like to sleep in, and carpool in together with the bike on back of the car.  She gets off work before me, so she heads home, and I saddle up at the end of my day.  Works very well and I get to ride home 3 or 4 days a week.

In the summer, when it gets lighter sooner, I ride in as well from time to time.  But I haven’t since September!  Well today I did!  Alarm went off an hour earlier AND I got out of bed without hitting snooze three times.  At 5:00 AM I was heading down the road.

It was great!  I had forgotten how much fun it was to ride in the dark.  The Burke Gilman was EMPTY!   At times it goes through some pretty thick trees, so there is no light but that on the bike.  It was almost like floating.  Dark, the bike chain had been lubed recently so it was quiet, no cars, no people, just me and the sound of rubber on the pavement. 

I got to work 5 minutes quicker than it normally took me in the summer.  I was smiling, and in a pretty damn good mood.  Plus I stepped on the scale and I was down over a pound.  Working out before work has always been something I enjoy.  I just really have a hard time getting out of a nice warm bed next to a very pretty wife!

So here’s hoping that the grumpiness is gone for a while.  Saturday I will be visiting the mom in law, then cycling over to the Mudsucker’s house for his 50th birthday open house.  The Immortal One will be there along with many many others.  One reason to cycle is to keep me on track for Dry January!  And to get an extra ride in! 

Thanks for putting up with a grouch for a couple of days!

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