Super Bowl Fever!

As anyone who watches any football at all knows, the Super Bowl is a little over a week away.  This year, my home town team, the Seattle Seahawks will be in it playing the Denver Broncos.  This is pretty damn cool for me, as I remember watching these two teams playing each other back when they were both part of the AFC west.

In one memorable game, back at WSU, the Mudsucker and I were watching this game.  Part way through, I realized I hadn’t heard him say a word or make a sound in quite a while.  I turned to look at him and I swear the man was comatose!  Glassy eyed, barely breathing.  I was ready to strip some wires and jump start his heart!

That is until the last play of the game when the Broncos field goal attempt bounced off the upright!  He ran hootin and hollerin up and down the hallway for half an hour!  This is my favorite memory of these two teams!  Hopefully next week will be a brand new one!

My company, PEMCO Insurance is doing all it can to make it happen!Our marketing department has commission a 12th Man Banner to be flown behind a plane here in Seattle next week and over the stadium prior to the game on SuperBowl Sunday.  Its 40’ by 100’ and we are attempting to get 12000 or more signatures on the thing before it flies!

Today, was the signature kick off, and they brought it into our cafeteria!  Thing is, even though they knew the dimensions, until you start wrangling something like that you just don’t know how big the sucker is.  It took a small army and some jockeying to get it set up!




But when it did, people came from miles to sign.  Not only were they putting their own names down, they were adding names from people who weren’t here but wanted to be listed.  With my friends and family I added 30 names myself.

The energy level in the office was truly amazing.  It was one of those rare days anyone who was here will remember for quite a while.  Music was playing, people were snapping pictures, the smell of sharpie pens was in the air…

This is our second time in the Super Bowl.  In all honesty, I do not remember much about the game last time, and NOTHING about the time leading up to it (maybe I blocked out the memory since we lost).  I am pretty sure I will remember this one though, and if nothing else, next week I will look up to see one of these with my name on it!



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