Major blast from the past!

I’ve told more than one story about my friends on here.  Scott, Jim, and Dave the guys I went to college with, the Strohs Bros, the ones that were with me on many a story that started “I was drinking one night…”  We have stayed in touch and done things together since we left college back in the 80s.

However, before there was a Mountainstroh writing a blog, before the interwebs, hell even before I became one if the men of Strohs, there was my Freshman year, 1982.  !7 year old Tony, walked into WSU not knowing a soul.

I was given the choice of the 1st or 6th floor of Goldsworthy Hall.  Luckily I chose 1st.  I had an incredible first year, and met some amazing people.

Today, that year came flashing back to me!Today was my buddy Scott’s (the Mudsucker) 50th birthday!  He and his wife (the lovely Jill) share a birthday AND it was also their wedding anniversary.  Jill invited everyone Scott knew, no matter how long ago, to come to an open house.


Scott only lives about 5 miles away from me, but with schedules, work, family, we rarely see each other.  But there was no way I wanted to miss this.  PLUS, in addition to Dave and Kat being there, two friends I hadn’t seen in YEARS, both from my Freshman year, Dan and Pete (the Immortal One) were going to be there.

My amazing wife knew it would be a afternoon of stories that she had heard a 1000 times, and she knew I wouldn’t want to make her endure that for too long.  PLUS she is getting over a horrendous cold.  So she told me go forth, and have fun!  She knows me well, I’d stay longer on my own 🙂

I knew I’d eat things I shouldn’t while I was there (though I stuck to dry January) so I decided to ride the bike over to burn off some of the energy.  (I’d forgotten about a couple of hills!  Short ride, but decent work out!)

I got there and Dan had already showed up.  We all talked for hours, getting caught up, laughing at stories, asking the classic “ever hear from?” or “Whatever happened to” questions.  It was a blast.  He lives down in Vancouver WA, rides to work in the summer, and will be back up for the Cougar Game in August.

We were waiting for Pete to show up, but as time marched on, Dan had a long drive and I wanted to get home in the daylight.  Finally he and I had to leave, both of us were bummed there was no Pete.  We shoulda known, he was known for ALWAYS running late.  Each morning the dining hall stop serving at 9AM.  At 9:02 he’d come tearing out of the dorm trying to get in for breakfast!

Sure enough, I got home, and there was a text from him saying he just missed me!  I told Michelle “DAMN!! I missed Pete, he just got there!”  “Well, get your butt in the car and go back to see him!”  says she! (I have a great wife!!)  So head back I did!

I honestly do NOT remember the last time I laughed so hard especially sober!  We were cracking each other up, telling stories the other only half remembered.  I am SO glad I went back.  Funny thing, he said he texted Tony to tell him he was almost there and not to leave.  Turns out it was the wrong Tony. Tony replied, “OK, I’ll be here hurry up!”  So somewhere is a Tony waiting for Pete to show!

Hanging out and talking to both Pete and Dan with Scott on Scott’s birthday was just plain fun.  All of us picked up like we had been talking to each other for years.  30 years ago, we saw each other every day, ate meals together, went to parties, studied, got shot down by women, and grew up together.

We all have kids now, hell Scott has the first grandkid on the way.  We have our own lives, and responsibilities.  But for a few hours today, 4 guys who met when they were 18, all because we happened to choose the same floor in the same dorm, got to catch up and feel more like college kids than the old farts that they really are!

It was a great afternoon!

The Mudsucker, Me, and the Immortal One!
The Mudsucker, Me, and the Immortal One!

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