This will be a totally random and possibly rambling post.  I had, as happens occasionally, drawn a blank on what to write about today.  As there is no one forcing me to write every day, and I don’t get paid by the post (or anything for that matter 🙂  ) There is no harm if one doesn’t happen.

I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but wide awake from doing stairs on the way home.  The house was quiet Michelle was out, and suddenly outside I could hear it rain.  And it started me thinking.

There are some sounds that just help, at least me, sleep

One of my favorite places to sleep is near the ocean, the Oregon coast in particular, where the hotel is as close to the crashing waves as possible.

imageAnytime I am there, I don’t care how cold it is outside, I leave the window open to hear the waves.  Sometimes it can be incredibly loud, but there is something about the waves at night.  I sleep more soundly, and feel more rested there than anywhere.

When I used to camp, being near a creek or a river had the same effect.

Skykomish River
Skykomish River

I would be wrapped up in the sleeping bag, no lights, camp ground quiet and I would concentrate on the water.  It never failed, soon afterwards I wouldn’t remember a thing until the sun came up and I had to build a fire.  The running water made the ground seem softer.

Rain, or better yet rain and wind, does the same thing!  Hearing the wind whistling through the trees, the rain pouring down, even cars driving through puddles, is just soothing.  (this is a good thing considering where I live).  Many times I get to work and people say “Did you hear the wind last night?”  I just look at them and think, “what wind?”  Those are the nights I know I slept well.

Of course not all noises help me sleep!  Thunder makes me want to wake up wand watch the storm (don’t care what time it is!)  Wind breaking branches and having them fall is a bad thing!  I start worrying about the house and cars.

A barking dog that won’t shut up drives me nuts!  People who don’t bring in their dogs at night truly annoy me! It’s right up there with the car alarm that won’t shut off.  These are ALL bad.

But, hearing the rain as I type this, and thinking about waves crashing, has finally made me tired. I am looking forward to this summer when Michelle and I go to the ocean for a few days!

Time for bed!  Thanks for visiting!


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