How Would You Answer?

Wow!  A couple of days ago I was tired, and drawing a blank on what to post.  Some days there is a distinct lack of blogfodder.  I’ve had quite a few people tell me lately I don’t HAVE to post every day, but I enjoy it.  So those days without a post, I actually miss it. (It’s a sickness I am sure)

But then there are days like now where I could honestly do two or three different posts.  Our Seahawk banner flew today (see my last post), tomorrow I get to do something I have never done before, see tomorrows post 🙂  But today, the my Spitfire boxing partner Jill said two things, each of which are worthy of a post!  It’s a good thing I keep a notebook for days like this.

So enough of that, the thing Jill asked me today was this.  “if you knew you were going to die in one month, would you continue to work out?

My answer might surprise you…

First off I had an epiphany!  Ever work somewhere that there is that one guy or lady who is the only one who knows how to do that very important task.  At some point in a meeting, someone, usually a manager, says “What would be do if Joe got hit by a bus?  Who would do….” And that naturally leads to that person who says “That’s so morbid, can’t we say Joe won lotto and quit instead?”

Well for work purposes that would work, but for the first time I found an occasion that winning lotto and getting hit by a bus are not the same thing!  How so?  Well walk with me here.

If I won lotto, I would most likely work out more.  If it was a big enough prize to seriously quit, then I’d be enjoying life.  Going places I’ve always wanted to go, eating places like Little Italy in Boston, and not spending 8 hours at the office.  I would HAVE to work out to make up for the way I’d probably be eating AND I’d want to be in shape enough to do whatever I wanted for as long as I could!

So, lotto?  Yes!  Work out.  But what about the dying in a month part?

Well in that case the answer is different.  I mean if I am going to bite it soon, I will only want to do the stuff I like!


The guy above dose NOT look like he is having fun!  Why is that?  Its cuz I really do NOT like working out indoors.  The gym is not my friend.  I use work out rooms in hotels and at the office when I have too, but I would rather do my outdoor stairs in driving, freezing rain than to use a treadmill or stairmaster.  So, if the work outs we are talking about are inside, then hell no, not gonna happen.

But look at these guys

Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!
Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!

















Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach
Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!
Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!

These pics are after some of the hardest rides of my life.  I was tired, sore, flat worn out, and I still smiled!  A day later I was trying to figure out my next ride.  I ride sick, or like today, with legs that have had a lot of work this week.  Rarely do I have to force myself to ride.

So if I knew I was going to bite it in a month would I still ride?  OH HELL YES!!  In fact, I’d haul my butt to somewhere I’ve alway wanted to ride (Yellow Stone, Glacier National Park, Miami to Key West) and start pedaling.  Work would be forgotten and I’d get as many miles as I could under my belt, along with quality time with Michelle each night.

Why is this?  Because even though cycling is exercise, its also something I very much enjoy.  Its not just a workout, its a hobby, a past time, something I truly look forward to!  Once again, I have proved to myself that cycling fits me perfectly.  I guess thats why I have been able to keep it up all winter!

So now I ask you.  If you knew you were going to bite it in a month, would you keep up your exercise program?  Is your work out fun?  Or is it work?  I am curious!

4 thoughts on “How Would You Answer?

  1. Nothing like the sense of invigoration you get from a good cycle ride and the elation when you get back home after a long excursion makes it feel all the more worth doing. I use to use a rowing machine regularly but although it toned me up it just doesn’t compare to getting out on a nice day and seeing the world go by. Keep up the good work, Jam

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