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Racking Up the Miles: February 2014

One of the things I have learned over this past year of “Racking Up” posts is that each month is its own month.  And the miles you ride may or may NOT have anything to do with the month before. … Continue reading

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Is Cocky a bad thing?

The more you read my posts the better you will come to know me. You will quickly find I am happily married, a dad of 2 older boys, a reader, a cyclist, sci fi geek and adventurer. I am also a … Continue reading

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The REAL first time

A little less than a year ago I switched jobs.  I traded working for Catholic health provider, the Holy P, to go back to where I had worked before, the Northwest Insurance Company, the Mighty P.  I have been very … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason

Anyone who has even glanced at this blog for more than a second or two would surmise pretty quickly that I am a cyclist and that I truly enjoy it.  He or she would be correct!  In these many blogs … Continue reading

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That was a good ride!

Sometimes the weather gods take pity on you!  Saturday morning it was snowing for hours.  It didn’t get deep, and it turned to rain by afternoon, but many reports called for more coming.  The Chilly Hilly was Sunday morning, and … Continue reading

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Someday I will…

I was an army brat as I grew up.  I was lucky though, I didn’t have to move around near as often as some people did.  In fact, I’ve lived in Washington state ever since I started the 8th grade. … Continue reading

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No Wonder people think I am nuts

Here I am, sitting in the red chair off the kitchen, sipping tea, while looking outside and seeing the snow coming down.  I shouldn’t be all that surprised, it is still February, which is the middle of winter.  There is … Continue reading

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Its just a matter of time.

You know, there are some people in this world who think I am fearless.  Over the years I have done many things others wouldn’t even think of.  I’ve climbed mountains, gone bungee jumping, ridden 200 miles in a day and … Continue reading

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What did we do before Google

I am currently reading the book “Monuments Men.”  It’s about a group of military men in WWII who were tasked with recovering and protecting precious artwork from the NAZI’s and even the allies during battle.  It’s currently out as a … Continue reading

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Shorter Bike Commutes are Harder?

it might surprise some of you, but I don’t get paid to ride my bike.  Think about that though, wouldn’t be nice to somehow figure out a way to get paid by the mile?  It would be one helluva an … Continue reading

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