Racking Up the Miles: February 2014

One of the things I have learned over this past year of “Racking Up” posts is that each month is its own month.  And the miles you ride may or may NOT have anything to do with the month before.  Schedules, weather, work and many other things can affect how often you get on the bike.

imageA prudent reader might think “Hmmmm, did he not do so well this month?”  Well, let’s talk about that… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: February 2014”

Is Cocky a bad thing?

The more you read my posts the better you will come to know me. You will quickly find I am happily married, a dad of 2 older boys, a reader, a cyclist, sci fi geek and adventurer. I am also a corporate trainer, cubicle dweller, WSU Cougar (GO COUGS) and a Seahawk fan.

Just as with all of us, I am many different things. But I bet yall didn’t know that I occasionally (ok maybe a bit more than occasionally) will be a bit cocky. What’s that? You DID know that….

Well it happened again last night on the ride home from work! Continue reading “Is Cocky a bad thing?”

The REAL first time

A little less than a year ago I switched jobs.  I traded working for Catholic health provider, the Holy P, to go back to where I had worked before, the Northwest Insurance Company, the Mighty P.  I have been very happy since I have been back.  Michelle and I get to carpool in together and see each other a lot more than we did when I had a longer commute.  I am back with old friends.  I am working with people I “grew” up with and training people I can completely relate too.  It’s a good fit for me.

I’ve also been able to do something I’d always wanted to do, I am a bike commuter.  3 or more days a week I get to saddle up and pedal home.  It gets me there in a much better mood than my ugly drive from the Holy P.

I have told people this is the first time I’ve ever been able to cycle commute, turns out I was wrong! Continue reading “The REAL first time”

Yet Another Reason

Anyone who has even glanced at this blog for more than a second or two would surmise pretty quickly that I am a cyclist and that I truly enjoy it.  He or she would be correct!  In these many blogs over the last year I have explained many many different reasons why I enjoy it.  Shoot even the hardest rides, the ones where I am seriously doubting my sanity as I try to defy the pull of gravity, I know I will look back on it the next day and smile.

Some days on the bike are just magical.  A long steep smooth downhill run, a great tail wind across a long flat, cooling self-made breeze on a warm day and the sounds of nature when you haven’t seen a car for miles.  Any one of these would be enough to make me a cyclist, over and over again.

Yesterday, though I felt something new. Continue reading “Yet Another Reason”

That was a good ride!

Sometimes the weather gods take pity on you!  Saturday morning it was snowing for hours.  It didn’t get deep, and it turned to rain by afternoon, but many reports called for more coming.  The Chilly Hilly was Sunday morning, and even though it is held rain or shine (and let me tell you I have done both!) snow would have been dicey!

When the alarm went off, though, it was simply raining and no snow.  It was also a helluva lot warmer than I expected.  OK! the ride was on!  Continue reading “That was a good ride!”

Someday I will…

I was an army brat as I grew up.  I was lucky though, I didn’t have to move around near as often as some people did.  In fact, I’ve lived in Washington state ever since I started the 8th grade.  I may not be a native, but 37 years here makes it close.  Gotta say, given the weather in the rest of the country this winter, I am glad I do live here.

During my high school years I was NOT athletic at all.  I did not go out for sports, though I knew a lot of people who did.  I was much more likely to read a book and do homework than work out.  I will say I rode my bike a lot, and played football and baseball with friends, but nothing organized at all.

Somewhere, though, even though I was all of 120 lbs and not an athlete, I made the decision that I want to do a few  things “someday”…
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No Wonder people think I am nuts

Here I am, sitting in the red chair off the kitchen, sipping tea, while looking outside and seeing the snow coming down.  I shouldn’t be all that surprised, it is still February, which is the middle of winter.  There is a fire in the wood burning stove and we are warm and toasty.

So what’s the problem?  Well tomorrow is, in essence, opening day of Cycling season in the Seattle area!  Yep, I can hear y’all thinking it, “You just said it was February, AND that it was snowing.  We just looked at the paragraph above again and you said that!”

Yep I did, but regardless of the weather, tomorrow I saddle up for my 8th Chilly Hilly! Continue reading “No Wonder people think I am nuts”