OK, Today was a Very Fun Work Day!

Just like anyone, my work day can very much vary from one day to another.  Some days are good, some ok and some can be pretty darn crappy.  It just depends on the day.  The good thing is I like my job and a lot of the people  I work with.  So I have more good days than bad.

Today, though, was great and it had nothing to do with work I did today! 

As I mentioned earlier this week, and as most of you know, Sunday is the Super Bowl AND the Seattle Seahawks are in it playing some team from Colorado.  On Thursday our 12th man banner flew over Seattle (it is now in NYC) but on Thursday, I also scored a chance to go up on the roof of the building for the raising of our 12th man flag.

Now just a side note, I LOVE high places.  As a kid I climbed tress all the time (ok, I still do)

imageAnd I love going up on roofs.  I like the view, the wind blowing, and just being WAY up there!  Since 1991 when I first started at the Mighty P, i had wanted to get up on that sucker. Sadly, I never had the chance.  So yesterday when I made the cut (I was 19 out of 20 allowed) I was hella excited!

We of course were all decked out in our Seahawk finest for the raising.  This morning was a crappy rainy day, so  so we first gathered in the Lobby of our building.

lobbyWe were loud, boisterous and I am not sure what real customers were thinking.  We also got to meet former Seahawk (and I learned he was also a COUG) Robbie Topeck who was going to do the actual raising of the flag.IMG_0320 We then all migrated to the top, after our safety lecture (Don’t jump off the roof, stay on the mats, be careful) we were allowed outside into the rain!  But we didn’t care!

roofThe man did a great job and I think you can see he was having fun!  He was a bit worried when they said they needed to harness him up, but he seemed to forget that soon

IMG_0336The flag was raised to the top, and the wind grabbed it for people so see for miles around!



As you can see, I did truly like being up on the roof!  I’d really like to try and get my desk up there on nice spring days.

imageI was also able to grab this shot of the Space needle and their flag (Thats another sucker I’d like to walk around on!)



After that, I spent most of my morning sending copies of the pictures I took to the people in the photos.  Michelle let me use her new point and shoot and I LOVE it.  I told her not to let me monopolize it.

After photos were done, it was boxing class, and I got teamed up with Spitfire Jill!  Woman wore me out!  In one drill, she was to turn around and lean back and I had to push her across the floor giving me as much resistance at possible.  This stubborn little thing did everything she could to stop my progress!  So I just picked her up and carried her!

But after class was my most important mission!  Every playoff game this year, I have gone down to Amazon town to get a hotdog for lunch the Friday before the game!  And off I went!  DAMN it was good!

The day came to an end with a dry ride home (the rain stopped) but it was NOT warm.  Good thing I pack well for these conditions! My legs were FRIED though, so it was not a fast ride home.

So all in all a great day!  Best part?  I got the to share the whole thing with Michelle!





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