Racking up the Miles: January 2014

This has been a very exciting month in Seattle!  We all know about the Super Bowl and the day this publishes will be Superbowl Sunday (I am posting ahead of time!) , but the days leading up to our 2 playoff games were truly memorable.  Blue shirts were worn, 12 th man flags were flying

20140130-132226.jpgIt was just fun to be in Seattle!  Add to it, its January.  Middle of winter!  We expect one thing this time of year.  RAIN and lots of it!  We got VERY little.  We are not as dry as California, but its getting bad up here snowpack wise.  But cycle commuting wise, its been great!  While most of y’all are getting dumped on by snow, I’ve had days like this to ride home on.

imageThe weather is reflected in the miles this month!

January really seemed like a long month,  It just kept going on and on!! but i was able to ride on the first day of the month, and the last!  As well as a number of cycle commutes home.  I was also able to ride to work for the first time since September.  It was cold, hella dark, and once very wet, but I enjoyed getting the ride in early.

Grand total 349 miles.  Wait??  HOW many miles?  That is more than 8 separate months last year (one of them being July).  It is 100 miles more than January last year!  How did this happen?

Simple, bike commuting.  Last year, most of my rides this month were in the shed on rollers.  At best, I would get 15 miles that way, most days more like 12.  Commuting home on the bike, which is 3 days a week at least, I get 17 every time I saddle up.  Add to it some weekend fun rides of longer distances, and you get the miles!  I am very happy!

But thats not all I did.  I also started doing stairs again.  On Tuesdays, I go down to see the Manchild in Federal Way.  This means not only do I drive to work, I drive south from there to him (25 miles) and then back home after (40 miles).  This leave no time for cycling :(.  HOWEVER, I do have to drive back through Seattle on my way home.

Just off the freeway is my favorite set of stairs.

imageOK, not a great pic, but its dark this time of year.  300 steps up 300 down.  I am currently doing 5 round trips, but I hope to get up to 7 in February!  I always feel good afterwards, and it helps to work off the eating too much I do when out with the kid!

Bottom line?  This was a great start to the year!  I’ve signed up for the Chilly Hilly in February, and will be doing the Seattle to Portland in one day in July.  I need to get this butt and legs ready to go!  Let’s keep it up!



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