The Best Part

Folks, it’s after 9 here North of Seattle.  the fireworks in my neighborhood have stopped, Michelle is asleep on the couch, everyone has gone home and its quiet.

A little less than 2 hours ago though, it was a war zone outside!  My Seahawks kick some serious ass and, even though every ‘expert’ said it would be a close game that we’d lose, we ran all over the Broncos!  That in itself was fantastic.


But honestly it wasn’t the best part.

We had Stu and Katie over to watch the game with us.  Stu brought his homemade guacamole, damn good, and chips.  Michelle made her vegetarian chili and we had good beer.  She also made home-made toll house cookie bars!  DAMN good.

Michelle, Stu and I are big fans, and watched every play.  Katie, not so much of a fan.  She was cuter than hell in her Seahawk jersey, and even cuter sitting in the red chair crocheting during the game!  Very much a part of the group, very much having fun, but not loud and obnoxious like the rest of us.  We had to explain what a safety was, but otherwise she was all over it!  Having them there was great, but still not the best part.

What was the best part?  Sharing it with Michelle and the Manchild!

Michelle is a true blue Seahawk fan, and has been so since the first started playing in the Kingdome.  She was nervous all day long, waiting for the game to start.  We ran our errands early, and got everything ready for Stu and Katie coming over.  She had a grin the entire game, but being the OSU Beav she is (much like me being a Coug) we weren’t counting our chickens until we were sure we won!

Seeing how excited she was will be something I remember forever.

Then there was the Manchild.  Having him them was incredible.  Now he is NOT normally a football fan. In fact, as a younger child, my yelling for my Cougs would scare the poor little guy.  Nowadays, during games, he hangs out in his man cave area of the dining room, coming in from time to time to see what’s up, and laughing at us during the game.

Not today!  He hunkered down on the couch with the rest of us!  He had his Kindle fire at the ready and kept us up to date with the Twitterverse during the game.  But, best of all, that kid was ON tonight.  He was funnier than hell!  At one point we intercepted a pass.  In the replay, you could see we were right in Manning’s face, but only Manchild noticed that when he threw the ball his eyes were closed!

He looked at me and said, “You know what he had to be saying when he threw it?  ‘Oh Jesus take the wheel!'”  He said it deadpan, as it replayed for us to see as well and it was perfect!  Later, they showed Manning looking very unhappy on the phone and he again chimed in with “Mom!  I am not having fun anymore, please come get me!”  The kid mad a fun game even more so!

Then when the game was over, and we had won, he grabbed the megaphone Michelle got me for Christmas and ran outside to let any neighbor who hadn’t watched it know who one!  All the while with fireworks and firecrackers going off all around him.  I looked outside and he had the biggest grin on I had ever seen him wear.

I had to drive him home tonight to his mom’s, he has school in the morning.  But I allowed him to grab the megaphone for the ride home.  It was colder than heck, but he had his window open telling everyone he saw “We won!!”  He was getting hoots and hollers from everyone on the road we passed!

When we got close to home he put it down and said “Thanks dad, no way do I think mom woulda let me do that out the window of a moving car!”

Now I have no idea if she would have or not, but that’s not the point.  What I know is, for the rest of his life, around the Superbowl, he will remember the day the Hawks won, and he and his dad drove home afterwards, having a blast.  It’s a story he’ll tell his kids, AND someday, he will let his kids do something that their mom would disapprove of because of me.  Its what dads are supposed to do!

So yep, the win was very cool!  But having the family with me to enjoy it, was even cooler!


6 thoughts on “The Best Part

  1. Congrats … having your team win is like no other feeling. When the LA Kings won it all, I was on cloud 9, and when the Dodgers won in 88, the underdogs, everyone was glowing. I’m guessing that’s how it is with you. Enjoy!

  2. What heart, determination, proper planning and preparation, team spirit and true grit! That’s what I will remember: the team of motley members who rose to the occasion as one, no prima donna players. No unseemly gestures or scuffles, keeping the discipline and focus. Great sportsmanship and a great example for our kids.

  3. Good catch! And I’ve been trying reading it twice before posting and I still miss those! And you are correct I think, as far as I am concerned it’s almost spring so I should be pedaling 🙂

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