Let Cycling Season Begin! (OK Continue!)

Here it is the beginning of February; much of the country is getting pounded again by snow.  We up here in Seattle are experiencing a Fraser Outflow.  This is when cold dry air comes flowing out of the Fraser River Valley in Canada and hits us.  We end up with temps in the teens and 20s at night, and barely above freezing during the day.  The sun is shining, but it has to, cuz it’s froze to the sky. (stolen from an old country song of the 80s)

With the cold comes a steady wind out of the north (10 -15 mph) which adds a wind chill to the temp.  Now add to this that I ride home GOING north, meaning into the wind.  It was a butt cold ride last night!  However, I carry enough layers that I was relatively comfy even after the sun went down.  However, it’s going to get even colder this week.

And with this weather, I came home to two things that tell me the Seattle cycling season 2014 is kicking off! First off, I received my number for the Chilly Hilly! 

chilliy hilly number

This is the first organized ride I ever rode, on a an old Novara I had back before the bike that spawned this blog.  I had read about it in the paper, and thought it sounded like fun!  It was long enough ago that I signed up using an entry form I cut out of the paper and mailed with a check J 

The Chilly Hilly (Put on by Cascade Bike club) is a 33 mile bike ride around Bainbridge Island on the last Sunday of February.  Hence the Chilly in the name.  For some reason, every island in the Northwest I’ve ever been two seems to go out of its way to NOT be flat.  Hence the name Hilly!  So in essence, it’s a cold, probably wet, up and down ride with over 3000 of my best friends!  I look forward to it every year.

The first time, I had to push the bike up most of the hills.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into back then.  If I had seen this I might not have done it.

Chilly Hilly Topo map
Chilly Hilly Topo map

Now though, I hit the hills and don’t stop.  I like to catch the first ferry over, hit the route early, and then have the rest of the day to relax.  (and sometimes to warm up!)  I do need to crank out a 40 mile ride beforehand though to prepare for it.

The other thing that got the blood pumping is that Sunday is Cascades Bicycle Clubs big bike swap!  Picture an in person Craigslist of wall to wall bikes, bags, clothes, tools and components!  Both used and new stuff, all at good prices!  I could walk around and look at stuff for hours! 

swap meet

Luckily, Michelle will with me to keep me from being there until they close!  Who knows WHAT treasures I will find!  I do need a small pump and a better under the seat bag (both stolen with the earlier bike!)

So cold and blustery, and getting colder, and all I can think of is more riding!  Either I am suffering from brain freeze or I truly am a year round cyclist!  Either way, Feb is going to be a good month!

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      1. I rode the motorbike in similar temperatures here one winter morning.. Was unprepared for it and stopped at the very first station to thaw and have a hot coffee! Not something I want to repeat without proper gear. Good luck with the cycling!

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